capsule wardrobe – winter

Last week I began explaining the capsule wardrobe idea that I’ve been using since October taken from the blog Unfancy.

If you’re still not sure about what it’s all about, this is a helpful post Caroline has written explaining the process using pictures and is one I’ve been referring when I get stuck.

Below you can see my current capsule items that I’ll be wearing for the next three months. (Jan-March) Big apologies for the poor quality photos, I’m no expert and don’t have Photoshop to make them look cool.

A personal reflection is how muted the colours of my clothes are with just a couple of exceptions. I think for the spring season I will be looking for some pieces with a bit more colour.

5 pairs of boots

capsule wardrobe

ugg/ converse / steve madden  / nine west / timberland

This surprised me but the UK has been either really rainy or cold and I don’t want cold ankles.

5 t-shirts

capsule wardrobe

oasis / oasis / boden / vero moda / calvin klein

7 Jumpers

capsule wardrobe

warehouse / gap / cynthia rowley / h&m / maison jules / cynthia rowley / gap

2 Shirts

capsule wardrobe

hugo boss / zara

4 Cardiganscapsule wardrobe

new look / oasis / gap / primark

4 Vest Tops (for wearing under most things every day)

capsule wardrobe

topshop / gap / gap / gap

1 Pair of Trousers & 3 Pairs of Jeans

capsule wardrobe

oasis / gap / oasis / gap

3 Jumper Dresses

capsule wardrobe

gharani strok / oasis / oasis

3 Dresses

capsule wardrobe

zack / no idea! / warehouse

2 Skirts

capsule wardbrobe

new look / warehouse

If you’re counting you’ll notice that there are 39 items here which is working well for me compared to the 37 that Caroline has. I’m thinking that the 2 skirts could possibly come out but I’ll review that in a couple of weeks.

So there you have it, a grey/beige fest of clothes to see me through the next three months!

2 thoughts on “capsule wardrobe – winter

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  2. I like your choices which are more like what I would actually wear and be comfortable in. I’m retired and wouldn’t need all the dresses. I don’t see how women wear those very high heals.
    Food for thought. Thanks for the ideas! I have way to many clothes and don’t wear 3/4 of them. I think I’ll do this for October/November/December 2016.


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