erase and rewind

There’s nothing like an evening sat in front of the telly in pj’s is there!

Well, if you’re living in The Teaspoon House it’s a reality an awful lot of the time.

We don’t tend to watch a lot of ‘live’ TV as we’ve got stacks of series linked shows stored up on our TV box. It also means we spend less time just scrolling through the TV guide and not watching anything all evening.

So here’s a little round-up of a few series Mr T and I both like to watch. Of course these are down to personal choice and you might have watched some of these and hated them.

1) Now on series five, Suits is shown on the UK freeview channel Dave. Based in New York it follows the stories of a law firm and one wannabe lawyer, Mike Ross and his extremely confident boss, Harvey Spector.

There are lots of flashy cars, nice clothes and big loft apartments to swoon over and is the kind of show that fits the Sunday afternoon lazy tv category.

credit: google images
credit: google images


2) Next up, The Good Wife now in its sixth season is shown in the UK on more4. There are lots of actors in this who you spend a few minutes trying to work out what they’ve been in before.

credit: google images
credit: google images

It’s another legal based drama where the main character, Alicia Florrick (who was in the early ER series) is married to the US Attorney General (who used to be in Sex and the City) their lives and those of the lawyers from the firm where Alicia works.

Watching The Good Wife means not being distracted by mobile phones or anything else for an hour, paying attention to what is happening and looking forward to the next weeks episode.


3) Scandal is in its fourth season on UK channel Sky Living. Olivia Pope is a ‘fixer’ for the rich and famous which includes The White House, who find themselves in situations they cannot be in for sake of there reputation. Sometimes they’re guilty and sometime’s their not but the problem needs to go away and fast.

West Wing fans will recognise Joshua Malina and that’s a nice feeling in itself.

credit: google images
credit: google images

Olivia has an on/off relationship with The President of the United States, wears a lot of white which never gets dirty and lives off red wine. There are some episodes which are but gruesome but not enough to put me off.

In our house, this is most definitely an evening programme to watch. The room needs to be dark and there should be snacks.


4) Bones is a good ol’ reliable series and is in its tenth season. In the UK you can catch it on Sky Living.

Each episode is basically the same: An unsuspecting member of the public usually ends up falling over in a forest onto a dead body.

Along comes the FBI and the forensic team.

They happen to all be best of friends, some of the them are married and in between solving how the person was killed they go for lunch at the diner across the street.

I suppose it’s a bit like Friends in that respect. You can sit back and relax for an hour as you know it’ll all be ok at the end of each episode..well except for one of the series’ where there was a serial killer on the loose.

credit: google images
credit: google images


I feel that I could write about so many more (Some of you might be crying out ‘Game of thrones’  ‘ House of cards’) and for this blog I’ve only written about just four of them which are currently showing.

There are of course those which have finished for good and are only viewed from a box set and perhaps one day they will get a post of their own.

In the mean time, sit back and make friends with your remote control.


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