with love, from me to you..

I used to read a lot, back when I commuted to work by train.

Since my commute is now walking distance and I don’t have time to kill on public transport, reading has more or less stopped happening, except for holidays.

These days, the books I tend own are ones that I can dip in and out off. I was thinking about the ones I’ve most recently acquired and thought they would all make (in my opinion) good presents.

So here are my suggestions for some good coffee table books, which always make great presents.

1) The last book I devoured was ‘Pretty Honest’ by Sali Hughes.

Sali is a journalist with a column in The Guardian newspaper, a website and now, a book. I love the way she writes and her website has a great feature where she interviews people in their bathrooms and talks through the products they use.

You get to see inside famous people’s houses and find out what skin care and beauty products they use at the same time.


Books Sali Hughes


Pretty Honest is a great read whether you are into skin care and beauty or want to learn more about what products you could use.

There are chapters on Specialist shops, working out your skin type, bridal make up and more. The sort of book that you’ll find yourself referring back to when you next need to replace a product that’s run out and want to make a sensible choice so you don’t buy something that you then realise does not suit your skin. (v annoying, right?)

2) ‘Me and my sewing machine’ by Kate Haxell is a brilliant step by step guide for simple machine techniques.

I enjoy using my sewing machine, that is, once I’ve set it up but the first time I needed to sew a buttonhole I had no clue at all.

This book sorted that right out with step by step instructions.

I would recommend this book to any budding seamstresses but it’s also good for someone who knows how to use a machine but doesn’t get to very much and therefore sometimes forgets how to do things and needs a recap.

There’s also a helpful section on troubleshooting if things go randomly wrong with your machine such as the tension…sooo frustrating.


3) This next book is a real treasure.

As the title suggests ‘Rediscovered Treasures, a new life for old objects’ By Ellen Dyrop and Hanna Kristindottir, is a book I look at for the pictures alone. Great for crafty, upcycling, recycling fans alike or those who just like pleasing photography and don’t have a instagram account.

books crafting

It’s full of creative ideas for things you may already own or can pick up relatively priced second-hand and transform into something else. Most of the pages have ideas that you see and think to yourself “oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?” and others that make you say “that is so cool. Why didn’t I think of that!”

Like these lamps made from old flasks. Genius

books crafting

I have no idea how you make these safely as I’m not an electrician, so obviously would suggest you make sure you know what you’re doing or check with someone who does if you attempted to make this.


4) The final choice in the book chart of The Teaspoon House is ‘Giftwrapped’ by Jane Means.

Now this isn’t going to tell you how not to lose the sticky tape or accidentally wrap up the scissors.

But, like the previous book, it has a lot of lovely photos.

In some ways it’s like a mood board in a book with pages of ideas for wrapping, like using sprigs of fresh herbs tied onto ribbon to make the gift you are giving smell good.

If you’re feeling extra fancy you can learn in step by step instructions, how to make pleats in your paper so it looks proper posh.

Jane also has her own range of ribbons and wraps gifts for the likes of Harrods. She also has a great tip, that when wrapping large presents where you need more than a roll of paper, like a bike or a massive cuddly toy, then using paper table cloths does the job.

Now, I think that is a great idea.

That’s my quick round-up of coffee table book delights for you or your mates.

What’s great as that discount book stores are full of great coffee table style books so you can buy them in bulk when you find a good ‘un and keep them in your present drawer.

Then use the wrapping paper book to wrap it up in a special way  without even using sticky tape, just because you can.

You’re welcome.

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