coming in from the cold

I finally succumbed to the horrible flu bug that I happily avoided through the Christmas and New Year period.

Mr T sadly fell foul just after Christmas and I thought my vitamin taking had seen me through but last week, on the first day back at work none the less, which is not a good time people, I started to feel a unwell and then bam, I literally got the flu in an instant.

I’ve only ever had ‘proper’ flu once before and it really is quite gross.

The sofa has been my friend for too long.

homemade cushions

I know that I am getting better as today, well I’m writing this for a start, but mainly because today I put on clothes that I would wear if I were – big announcer voice – going outside.

I don’t mean my coat and scarf, but clothes that I am happy to be seen wearing in public.

Gasp! (You know what it’s like, you have Bambi legs and feel delicate so the moment deserves a big announcer voice.)

While sick, I’ve been wearing my ‘I’m not well’ clothes which consist of track suit bottom’s and a stripey top that I don’t really like but can’t bring myself to get rid of just yet.

It’s as if there is an invisible tag on them which only becomes visible when I’m not feeling well, as the rest of the time I pay them no attention.

So there you have it, not only did I get dressed into proper clothes today but I also put my contact lenses in.

Lense wearers will understand what a momentous moment on the sick recovery scale that is!

And now I’m at the frustrating stage of being better but still not fully there. The stage where I become like Hugh Grant in the film About a Boy where I saving up things to do into blocks, not to fill time like his character in the film but simply so I can get up less.

This includes things like getting a glass of water and collecting the phone charger from the other side of the room on the same ‘I’m getting up now’ session rather than as two separate tasks.

One bad thing that did occur was I started to play a stupid ,stupid game on my iPad on a day when I felt a bit human again and very quickly became consumed by it.

Today I even looked for a cheat website to see if level 85 really was possible.

It isn’t I tell you and even if someone tells you it is, they are lying. (rant over)

I can happily report that I went and got a grip of myself and deleted the game.

pet rescue game

Now I will confess that this has happened before when I’ve been completely healthy with other not fessing up which but other ‘free top grossing games for mobile devices’ and I just need to learn to stay away.

The good news is I am using less tissues but am on the last box and the tissues left are quite near the bottom of the box.

This leads to me discussing with myself ‘do I actually have to go outside to the corner shop and buy more tissues?’ and ‘perhaps I’ll start to ration the number of times  l blow my nose between now the morning and it’ll be fine’

It’s taken nearly all day and I’ve done neither.



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