keep keep keep warm

I’ve never been one to brag about my culinary skills.

We all remember chicken pie-gate not to mention christmas cookie-calamity but this weekend I was rather pleased with my homemade soup.

‘Soup, soup! you were pleased with your soup’ some of you may exclaim.

‘What’s the big deal with making soup – warm up the veg and blitz it..not that hard really’ others of you might say.

Well, yes it is fairly easy and I have made soup before, but this soup was proper tasty.

It wasn’t like just like eating a bowl of warm water with a hint of potato.

One of the things I don’t always like about cooking, much like with decorating, is that there is usually preparation involved. So in my case, you start baking or cooking, measuring things out as you go and inevitably discover you don’t have enough of something or are completely missing another.

For this recipe though, I knew we had enough courgettes as the plant in our garden has been churning them out like they’re going out of fashion.

We didn’t have nut butter or the paste that is says you need whose name I’ve forgotten.

I used this recipe from the website Chocolate & Zucchini for Sesame Zucchini soup and like I said,  but missed out a couple of the ingredients as we didn’t have them. It still tasted good.

For my version I used; 5 courgettes and 3 very small potatoes, all grown in our garden, 1 onion, a clove of garlic and 2 cups of chicken stock.

1) Fry the onion and garlic on a medium heat for 5 minutes

2) Add all the other ingredients, which you’ve chopped up already and simmer together for 20 minutes.

3) After 20 minutes take a few spoonfuls of the potato and zucchini and blitz it in the food processor until it looks like baby food. Add it back to the pan with the chunkier bits.

4) Then I added half a teaspoon of chilli powered and a small drizzle of cream.

5) In the mean time, like the recipe says, I’d warmed some sesame seeds in a frying pan for a few minutes

6) Serve and feel pleased with yourself for becoming a cooking marvel.


With the weather supposedly getting more autumnal any day now, I for one would like to eat this soup so that I feel warm inside and my nose starts to run from the heat and not because of a horrible cold.

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