I need a little space, to think it over

Woah, it’s been ages since I wrote a post…again.

Mr T and I have just returned from a trip to Camber Sands with our church. We arrived knackered and came home even more so.

I feel like I need a holiday to recover from our holiday.

Hard times eh!

Good news is though, that while away, I managed to go on two runs and went to a stretch class.

I survived the stretch class purely as I became hypnotised by the instructors amazing sparkly leggings.

running along in Camber
running along in Camber


When we got back, apart from doing, the standard shed loads of washing and wanting to sleep for a week, I did a little sorting of my craft space.

I was prompted by the in-laws, who politely asked how it was going and I couldn’t joyfully announce it was done which was a bit sad, so with a slight flurry of energy on Sunday evening I set to work to get it a bit more sorted.

Processed with Rookie


This bureau used to have Mr T’s music things stored in it, but now has a man-cave/music room, this was freed up and I had some fun arranging my craft supplies.

I say fun, mostly it was ok but then I got a bit tired and wanted it to sort itself out.

Processed with Rookie


I’m mostly pleased with the pull down front as when it’s opened out, I can see buttons, glitter, washi tape and sharpies.

It’s like a crafting dream sequence people.


Processed with Rookie


Next to the bureau, I moved our two small ikea cabinets which contains things like card stock and, I discovered lots of different sticking implements, yes not purely for glue sticks, there is space for a magical glue gun and awesome sticky dots.

I know, I know. I’m livin’ the dream.

Now, you might be thinking, that’s quite a lot of drawers for a few things. The thing is,  I don’t like it when a drawer so rammed full that you can’t see what’s inside it when you open it, so things here are spread out to make using the area a calm and serene one rather than a frantic, searching nightmare.

On top of the drawers are my reused Orla Kiely bedding boxes with sewing threads, fabric bundles and scissors in them, and the sewing machine.

To be honest, I just like gazing at the boxes. Who knows if I’ll ever take their lids off.


Processed with Rookie


I haven’t shown you the rest of the room though.

Quite simply, I don’t want to focus on the rest as it makes me feel restless. There are some tools lying about, a random suitcase, two Hoovers (no we are not going to adopt anymore like we did when we became a sofa rescue centre) and a guitar mould. Yes, that’s correct, a guitar mould.

So, in order to feel zen and all that, I shall focus on this small corner of paradise.

One day I shall think about making a curtain to hide the tools and other belonging that live in this room but until then, I will try to craft and be creative. Failing that, I will enjoying sitting and looking at everything, happily organised.

Processed with Rookie






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