it’s a london thing

It’s exactly one month since my last post..must be something about the 1st that gets in the blog writing mood.

This week myself and Mr T had a couple of days off work and spent one of these in London town.

I’m love the idea of spending time in London but I do get put off by the travelling to get there, despite it only taking 35mins by train and of course, the crowds of people, notably tourists who stop without warning in the middle of the pavement. Sigh.

Anyhow, having studied and worked in London for many years I haven’t been back to some of those parts of London for ages and it was time to rectify that.

Our first stop was Borough Market.

Everywhere you turn there are smells, colours and sounds. A real feast for all the senses


Coffee was needed to fuel our trip and a flat white from flat cap coffee co. did just the job.

We wandered around trying to choose what we would have for lunch. This was a bit overwhelming as there is literally everything you could ever want to eat.

The look of the burgers served by Boston Sausage reeled us in and it didn’t disappoint. I would have taken a photo but I ate it all too quickly to really think about it.

I did take this picture of all these different kinds of mushrooms though.IMG_1336

Once we were well stuffed we decided to buy some really lovely tasting cheese, Wyfe of Bath from The Bath soft cheese company.

Our next stop was a walk over London Bridge, along Bishopsgate to Spitalfields Market. Our feet were hurting a little bit now, so a slow stroll was all we could manage, followed by another refreshment break of course before we walked back up to London Bridge and along the river to the train station.

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast
Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast

The Southbank is such an interesting vibrant place. It’s a great place to spend a day mooching about, especially if you are short on pennies as you can easily pass the day by with people watching.

second hand books for sale along the South Bank
second hand books for sale along the South Bank
Undercroft at the Southbank
Undercroft at the Southbank


Our feet and legs were pretty much knackered by now but our bellies were full and we had seen a lot.

The day ended well too with Mr T’s delicious homemade focacchia – perfecto!

homemade focaccia
homemade focaccia

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