the world keeps on spinning

Oh hi there, yes it’s me.

I know I know I’ve not written a blog post in ages.

And this evening, there I was just sitting and eating some fudge when I felt the urge to.

So, how have you been?

I was thinking about what I could write about and thought to myself that I could write a random list of things that we’ve achieved on the house and other stuff.

Then I thought to myself, no way that is seriously dull.

But then I changed my mind again.

credit: google images
credit: google images

Presenting my list of things that I have done recently:

  • Front step paved and no tiles have fallen off. Bonus point for neighbours saying they liked it.
  • Holiday to France.  Oh the stories I could tell you about falling off ski lifts.
  • Started to watch Breaking Bad. Cor it’s good isn’t it.
  • Write a facebook message to Davina Mccall during a Q&A and get a reply

I KNOW! I almost hyperventilated. Then Mr T said, do you really think she replied? I mean, how very dare he. Of course it was her.

Presenting my list of things I should do soon:

  • Paint a wall with chalkboard paint. Got the paint, just need to crack on with it really.
  • Finish painting door frames.  I don’t imagine this ever really occurring.
  • Make full use of bureau as new crafting station now that Mr T has his man cave/music room. Ooh maybe this weekend?
  • Probably lots of other things. You know like cleaning the oven and filing.

Instead of the ‘probably lots of other things’ I imagine I will sit and procrastinate.

By procrastinate, I mean I’ll watch E! news, read blogs and paint my nails.

Speaking of blogs (seamless link ahem!) I’m following loads at the moment via bloglovin which I great as it updates daily with all the new posts from the ones you follow.

Here are my current top four.

You know what I debated if I could have a top four, really it should be a top five. You don’t hear a top four countdown anywhere do you.

But I didn’t want to put five blogs down so I haven’t.

Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons for all things beauty related.

Recipe Rifle for I guess the recipes but I love Esther’s writing style and the stories she tells of raising her family.

Oh Happy Day! for crafting and party ideas. I mean, who doesn’t like to party plan? Just check out this picture of the a ribbon wall in their studio.



Arrghh so in love with the rainbow colours…………

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