return of the mack

Well hello!

I’ve had a couple of weeks off from bloggerising so thought I’d better get back on it. I’ve been busy celebrating birthdays and being ill with a migraine from hell.

But now I am back.

As I type Mr T is laying new tiles on our outside step which is great as it was just concrete before and even better that the tiles were a complete steal at 99p from ebay.

ebay is amazing isn’t it.

Listen to me, making out like I’ve just discovered something new and amazing!

I realise that most people use ebay and I sound like I’m from the dark ages, but personally I don’t have the patience to trawl for hours looking for the perfect tiles or perfect anything really, but thankfully Mr T does and how very pleased we were when our tiny bid won and hooray for no one else needing a very small amount of tiles.

There’s a slight bit of pride that creeps up inside me when getting a good deal, don’t you find?

People will ask you”where did you get those” and smugly you reply “oh this, oh I found it on ebay and got it for half a crown.”

This never happens to me, except for TKMaxx bargains but that’s not really the same is it.

As I said, I don’t have the patience to look but I know people who have found fantastic pieces of furniture on ebay, you know glorious kitchen dressers for like, I don’t know, 20p that they’ve then painted with Farrow & Ball paint so it’s now worth £500 pounds.

You see it and think ‘yeah great, but there’s got to be something wrong with it right?’

And now here I am, able to say  “oh what these tiles, yes they were on ebay.”

(of course it’s all down to Mr T and nothing to do with me at all so he gets the glory for it really)

Once the tiles are finished, we’ll be able to paint the outside door frame. When I say we’ll be able, there has been nothing stopping us from painting it before now other than weather and having a particularly busy month, so I think having the tiles laid will spur us on to get all the outside finished.

What with being a social butterfly during March I haven’t had much time to even think about being making anything crafty (I have four family birthdays in March, Is that normal?) but somehow, the sun being out and streaming through the window makes me feel like it would be good to make something.

Easter’s coming up so that’s a great excuse.

But first it’s confession time.

As we won’t be repeating the, ‘let’s make each other easter eggs, how hard can it be‘ exercise that we tried last year we got our easter eggs the other day. They are being stored on a very high shelf that I can’t reach which is  a good things as one of the bunnies we got, I’m sad to say didn’t make it.


Before you can say, is that a rabbit in your hat, the ears were off and soon it had all gone.

And very tasty it was too.

Anyway, back to easter craft.

How cool do these ideas both look?

credit: Pinterest
credit: Pinterest

Simply put some smarties/skittles/M&M’s in a cellophane bag and tie at the top with green ribbon for carrot esq gifts.

But this is my favourite…

easter tree
Credit: Pinterest

Take some easter eggs, wrap them in cellophane and using cellotape, a skewer, chopstick or those wooden sticks you use to prop plants up with, and then use green tissue paper to fill a vase that resemble leaves.

If you can’t get the sticks to stay in place then you could fill the vase with sand or use tons of blutak to keep them in position.

And if you don’t already have cellophane bags (erm, me I don’t) then you can get find them fairly cheaply on amazon – I found these for just over a £1 for 30 or if you have the energy you can probably get a million for 99p on ebay and then you too can be smug and say “oh I just found them on ebay.”

This would make a great center piece on your table at Easter and your guests, if you really really like them, could pick a flower (easter egg) from the vase to have or you could ask them very politely not to touch your delightful display and when they have finally left, eat them all yourself.

Loose eggs like the one in the photo are easy to find in most supermarkets at the moment and are better for the environment as they don’t have any excess package, although I do realise that I am now suggesting that you reverse that completely by using plastic to cover them with, but it will look nice and you could reuse the cellophane bags for another equally cool craft idea in the future, so you know, every cloud.

That’s it from me this week. I’ve now made myself really want some chocolate but alas we don’t have any.

Unless I stand on my tiptoes to get to that shelf……

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