Food glorious food

With house finishing up taking a back seat for a bit, we’re actually having a life again which is rather pleasant!

Having a life means we are seeing friends and family more….in our house, which is really fun as people are excited to see what’s happened to the room that was a kitchenbathroom.

In our old kitchen I did have a few cooking fails  but today I did make a pretty good bread and pudding for lunch which must be down to an oven that works properly.

We didn’t only have that for lunch of course we also had roast beef, which was ok but I think I could have made tastier gravy which is my thing that keeps going wrong at the moment.

Earlier in the week, with our, oh-we-have-a-life-again spring in our step, we went out for lunch to The Bingham in Richmond where for their 30th anniversary you can enjoy a three course lunch for just fifteen of your english pounds.

Neither of us had been their before but I’d read about it.

Mainly during the ultra dusty stage of the teaspoon house renovations, on posh hotel websites when I was dreaming of a life where someone else would be responsible for cleaning, you know how it is right?

So now, with this new-found ‘life’ I realised that the birthday of a loved one (aka Mr T’s) would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.  It’s also a hotel so if you’re feeling flush (as in money wise not menopausal) then you could treat yourself to an overnight stay too.

I was quite relieved that it wasn’t so posh that you spend your meal feeling tense that you might use the wrong fork, but instead you knew you were somewhere special because the waiters pulls your chair out at the table so you can sit down and puts the serviette on your lap (by the way does anyone else find the seat being pulled out totally awkward? I ended up doing a sort of squatting movement, like in an exercise DVD as I couldn’t tell how high the seat was) anyway glossing over that.

We both loved it.

The venue itself overlooks the river and we were fortunate to get a table by the window so we could see the river and comment on how fast it was flowing, which by the way was the first thing  that any guest who sat at a table by the window said when they sat down, after having done a squatting sitting down thing.

I knew I would like it from the moment we arrived as the other diners, making complete stereotypical instant judgements here, were from all walks of life. There were business people out to lunch, quite a lot of ladies having the most wonderful time darling, some retired folk and a couple of groups with small children who thankfully, were not screaming.

But onto the food.

I ate cauliflower risotto, followed by lamb which virtually melted in my mouth and then a super sweet rice pudding that came with honeycomb and peanut ice cream.

The portion sizes were just right. At first I thought, ooh bit of a small portion, but then actually they are the perfect portion size as the food is rich, in a good way, and cooked so perfectly.

At only £15 for three beautifully cooked courses, you should book yourself a table and make a visit.

Another plus is that the toilets had white company hand’s the finished touches that make all the difference friends!

After your meal you can make the short walk like we did to Petersham nurseries for a gander at the flowers and do lots of loud laughs just to make you feel ever so ever so fantabulous.




p.s this post is not sponsored I just had a great meal, in a beautiful place and thought I would share. If The Bingham were to see this blog post and wanted to give me a free meal another time, I would of course oblige!

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