oh sit down next to me

Over the past couple of weeks The Teaspoon house has been immaculate.

We did something that some have said was mad.

We put The Teaspoon house on the market. Like, put it up for sale. As in, if someone offered us money for it, we might sell it.

It all happened very suddenly as we learnt that another house on our street was up for sale and in need of renovation.

Big time renovation.

And we thought

Why not.

We’ve literally just washed the last of the dust away and got our lives back, why wouldn’t we want to live in a house that needs everything in the world doing to it.

We threw, and I mean, literally threw things into the loft one evening as we heard from our agent that there were people wanting to look at out house the next day and made it look like we’re the sort of people who don’t leave a glass of water on the bedside table for a week or have washing up in the sink for a couple of days.

It was slightly exhausting, making sure the place looked like no one lived in it!!

And then we got the call.

Sorry, you didn’t get it….cash buyer…excess of asking price.


And in the blink of an eye, life went back to normal.

Back to using the tea-stained tea towels and no longer following one another round with a duster.

Getting our heads back into The Teaspoon house and not thinking of what walls we could knock down has been nice and at the weekend we got some fabric from the remnant bin in John Lewis.

I know what you thinking, and yes, we know how to live.

I decided it was time to cover the chair that we got at the massive antique shop last summer.

I thought it would be a pleasant and quick activity for a rainy Saturday afternoon and I was half right.

It was an activity for rainy Saturday afternoon but it wasn’t especially quick.

Here’s what I did.

1) All you need to recover an ailing chair seat is some fabric, fabric scissors, a staple gun and if you need take off the existing fabric some pliers or something that you can use to pull nails out easily.



2) After yanking out the tacks in the chair, I laid out the old fabric cover and used it as a template. I liked this bit as I got to use my pinking shears, you know, the funny scissors that cut zig-zaggy.


This was fun until I realised I had cut the fabric the wrong way around but thankfully there was enough to start over.


3) Next up, just lay the fabric over the cushion (our didn’t need replacing but if it does you can buy foam seat pads from places like hobby craft) and using the staple gun, secure it to the underside of the seat.

IMG_1232I was enjoying this bit until I got further round and had to gather the fabric at the sides a bit. It ended up taking me ages as I wanted to make sure it was secure and that there was no slack in the fabric.

finished chair
finished chair

4) To finish it off, Mr T whacked a hammered over all the staples so that they were firmly in place on the chair.

So there you have it, a revived chair – not bad for a few hours work.


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