two steps forward and two steps back

Well Hello December – you came along on your sleigh rather quickly didn’t you!

It seems like only last week that I was writing about christmas telly and christmas crafts and all things festive and here we are again.

christmas house

So what of the Teaspoon house this week you want to know right.

Well…’s that time when lots of little things are happening but when I stand back and survey everything it doesn’t feel like much progress.

For example, I’ve under-coated and gloss painted the window sills as some were replaced when we got the new windows fitted and the ones that stayed needed tidying up.

I felt like I had stepped back in time to when we moved in and painted everything. 

We’ve also painted the new plaster in the bathroom, study and what will be the kitchen.

And it’s at this juncture that I decided I don’t like painting anymore.

credit: pinterest
credit: pinterest

Never really loved it in the first place but now I have had enough of gloss paint under my fingernails (it doesn’t even look like a french manicure, just looks grotty) splatters in my hair, laying dust sheets and wearing painty clothes oh, and don’t get me started on masking taping things so they don’t get paint on them.

Is it just me, or do you also find that it never properly works as a little bit of paint always ends up on the light switch and usually in a really awkward place that means you can’t quite wipe it off so you always have a little splodge of it where you don’t want it.

My problem is I don’t like having to wait, so once I’ve done the painting I don’t like having to wait before putting things back in the room and it’s then that something happens like a scrape of the wall.

It’s the same when I paint my nails, on purpose with nail varnish, not paint!

I can never wait until they are completely dry.

Where was I, yes so we’ve done lots of sanding, dusting, painting and now Mr T is starting to put together the kitchen.

This is a massive step in the right direction so I don’t know why it feels like nothings happening,  I think it’s just my impatience of wanting it done now.

We did have a memorable trip to Ikea to get the kitchen but that’s for another day and then I need to tell you about our experience of sanding the floors.

Until then, I shall be imagining that I am sitting here making my christmas cards and then being disappointed that I haven’t actually made any at all and I still haven’t finished my Christmas bauble.

this become a christmas decoration...this will become a christmas decoration..this will..
this become a christmas decoration…this will become a christmas decoration..this will..

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