what a difference a day makes..

Last week I told you that the back wall had sort of accidentally fallen down,  you remember yeah?

well now it looks like this…. (photo is a bit dark, but you can see a window is now fitted and half the wall rebuild)


Goodbye toilet that looked like it belonged in an aeroplane with no heating and hello window that will eventually look out onto a little seating area.

And I just love our board style french doors.

Kidding! The doors aren’t quite ready yet and the wall decided to collapse before they were delivered so until then we have boards.

Could be a new trend.

While this is all going on, I’ve suddenly felt the need to do some crafting but as things aren’t the cleanest they could be, I’ve had to refrain however this weekend I decided to carry on with a wee-festive cross stitch..wait..did I just write that for all to see?

Yes, ok. It’s true and as I type this I am sitting with a blanket on my knees so I think doing a cross stitch seems quite fitting with the granny look ok!

this become a christmas decoration...this will become a christmas decoration..this will..
this become a christmas decoration…this will become a christmas decoration..this will..

In truth I started about 3 months ago and tidied it away and recently remembered that I had it.

Thing is, they take quite a while and I’m becoming more and more aware of my poor eye sight let me tell you.

The last cross stitch I did was when I was around 10 and it was a pair of gigantic forever friends bears that my parents still have up on display in my old bedroom.

If you’re reading this, it’s ok. You can take it down now.

(if you want, but I don’t know why you would really)

When this current project is finished it will be a christmas bauble of sorts and as Mr T and I are hosting christmas for my folks this year it will feature on the enormous christmas tree we will force into the new kitchendiningroom and become a significant heirloom that will get passed on from generation to generation.

It will be in the room along with the armchair I still need to recover and dining room chair seat that needs perking up that we picked up for a mere £10 on a day out.

I shall tell you more about that some other time though as I really need to get on with the this blasted bauble if I’m going to get it finished for this christmas!

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