rolling rolling rolling

The other week I was perusing twitter, as you do. I expect there is the proper trendy term for it, but I shall continue with perusing.

I post caught my eye from a twitter account that shares news from the area I live in as it was sharing the link for a quiz. I’m not a big quiz fan, more partial to a puzzle book if I’m honest but this quiz was about how well you knew the area through a series of photos.

And guess what one of the photos was of.

Oh go on, guess!






I was beyond excited and felt a tiny little bit smug that someone thought that our old knocked about garage that is too small for a car was enough of a local landmark.

I felt a bit bad leaving a comment that it no longer exists though!

What does exist there now though is much better.



It’s not quite finished yet but I’m loving how the finished side looks!

Inside the house there have been developments too. The bathroom is mostly all tiled and the downstairs study is plastered and we’ve painted the undercoat on the new plaster and the ceiling.

It was like going back in time to last year with new plaster that needed painting and the painstakingly dull preparation that, to be honest, nobody wants to do, do they.

Do they?

I can’t stand it.

Masking off edges, laying dust sheets – which to be honest in our house at the moment is pretty pointless, and the cutting in…gahhhhhhh!

I just want to get on with smacking the proper paint on the walls ad feeling like I’ve achieved something.

Don’t even get me started on the cleaning up.

I mean really, can someone hurry and invent paint that you can just rub off a roller or that dissolves without the need for water? (not off the walls obvs)

It must be about time, I mean, it’s 2013 people!


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