the littlest things…

Two years since we moved to the house with a bath in the kitchen, two planning applications and the end is so close I think I could almost touch it.

Well, really I could touch it as I’m living in it!

While it’s not finished, things are happening that while I appreciate are not quite the same as finished bathroom, there are little things that are making this project come together.

Little things like these lights and a, wait for it, light switch in what will be the office/music/craft room…

lights in office


You’re really excited for the next photo now aren’t you!?!



The tiling and signs of where the shower will go are coming on nicely…



And there’s this chicken-pox look that part of the house is currently fashioning.

chicken pox

This I’m told is clever insulation board that the render is then put on top of.

So no special ‘great unveiling’ post just yet, but it will come and I promise I’ll brush the ever present dust off my clothes to write that post, just for you.

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