I look out of my window…

We have windows!


While we were away, the builders have been getting on nicely, with all the windows put in, window sills made, walls plastered, front door on and shower tray put into the bathroom – photos will follow but forgive me not having them ready for you yet, I’m still in holiday mode.

We had a great time away thanks for asking!

Trips to the beach x2
One part was nudist! My eyes are still in recovery.

Visits to a thermal spa x2
This was a circuit of various boiling hot and freezing cold water supplies that you walked, showered, sat in, then there were powerful shoots and cascades of water that gave you hydro massages.

The force of these shoots was so strong that when i attempted to use them they propelled me across the pool.

When Mr T used them, he had the power to stand underneath them, unaware that the spray coming off his shoulders was covering, yes, covering, everyone else in the pool with heavy sprays of water.

Moving on,

Awkward pale skin turning lobster red days x1
Totes embarrassing. Evening spent hibernating in room watching grand designs (even when away, it’s all about renovations!)

Hours lounging by the pool: lots

Portions of ice cream eaten: several scoops at least twice a day

Days unable to open hotel room door with rom key card: 7 days


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