We all stand together

There’s a bath in the kitchen and there’s a bath in the dining room.

You can never have enough baths can you?


Seeing the new bath, still wrapped in its bubble wrap (which seems quite apt for a bath) took me back to the time when we became a sofa hospital except this time, we are not looking to rehouse this one.

It does mean that we can’t sit at the dining room table but that’s a minor detail seeing as we don’t normally anyway, except when we have visitors or are eating spaghetti bolognaise.

Because it splatters.

In other news, the bathroom space is now accessible as the old window’s been removed. So you could, if you wanted to, stand where the sink will be and pretend to brush your teeth or where the shower will go and imagine what it will be like to shower there.

You could.

I of course haven’t done this.

That much.

We’ve had to use some insulation to fill in the window gaps until they arrive.

the door way to what will be the bathrooom
the door way to what will be the bathrooom

Thankfully, Mr T has filled in a little gap that I decided was just the right size for a bird to fly through, before one really did.

It led to some anxiety and you remember how I was when the chimney sweep talked to me about pigeons.

Now I just have the slight gap near the front door to think about as Mr T, playfully suggested that frogs ‘could’ get in there.


(not such a bad thought if they were to sing the Frog Song)

Other awesomeness that occurred this week was when the floor for what will be the study was laid using boards that we were very generously given by a friend who rescued them from a house refurb down their road. Yet again, taking in the unwanted and giving them a new home!


So now you can also stand where the desk will be and pretend to type very important letters and talk on an imaginary phone.

If you wanted.

You can guess the rest can’t you.

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