I only go up, up.

Another week,  another wall!

The majority of the block work for the stage one of the Teaspoon House renovation is almost done.

We’ve got a little break now before work on the roof starts in a couple of weeks and the timing’s perfect for us.

It’s nice to have a bit of break of making sure we’re up in time for builders each morning plus with this amazeballs hot weather, I don’t think anyone would want to be stuck up a ladder in the scorching heat would they?


this window wil be in our bathroom that isn't also a kitchen!
this window wil be in our bathroom that isn’t also a kitchen!


This is isn’t a great picture but you can see here how the top floor is done, waiting for its hat to be put on.

By hat, I mean the roof.

Don’t worry, it won’t be coming on and off again like a hat, or the Wimbledon center court roof, which did you know has its own twitter account, which by the way makes me want to shout MURRAY in a very loud voice because how brilliant was the final yesterday?!

Mr T was slightly concerned for his hearing due to my, perfectly understandable, shouts of encouragement during the match but he won and it was great and made me feel like it the Olympics again….

So that’s a quick update on the Big Build, more to come next week!

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