spaces for windows!

up, up and away

I can’t quite believe how quick the building work is progressing

We have a floor for our bathroom and spaces were windows will go.


there's the ceiling!
boarded up ceiling/floor of bathroom

It’s very cool and we have even, drum roll please..


There was a long debate about the taps but we eventually decided.

The lovely people we brought it from are keeping it aside for us until we are ready to collect it which is very kind as I did have visions of having a bathroom suite in the dining room and while I am very happy to have been able to order it, it might have been in the way a bit.

We are now choosing tiles for the bathroom which is much harder than you’d imagine. There are about, ooh, 3 zillion different tile colours, finishes, sizes and places where you can buy tiles.

We have a growing collection of samples dotted around the house that are doubling up as coasters. I think we’re almost there so maybe next week I can show you what we’ve opted for.

spaces for windows!
spaces for windows!


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