roses are red, violets are blue

Extension update: The water people are still thinking about whether we can dig into the ground so we continue to think nice thoughts about them and wait patiently.

Non-Extension based update: While waiting, we’ve done lots of walking about as the weather here has taken a surprising turn for the better and we could be fooled into thinking it is summer at last.

So much so, that with the much-needed bank holiday last week we went to Wakehurst Place in Sussex.

Wakehurst is owned by Kew Gardens.  It’s a huge place with loads of woodland so you feel like you really are in a forest, which I guess you are.

It also has the millennium seed bank that looks like something from a sci-fi film with scientists in white coats doing important things to the seeds, landscaped gardens that are like those at Kew Gardens and a pond with lots of ducks that are not afraid of people.

I kid you not about the ducks.

The last time we were there, one nipped at my boots and then chased us.

It was like we were in a film shown only on the scifi channel, where the films have titles like octoshark, about a shark and an octopus that are morphed as one and cause terror on a Malibu beach, the sort of film where the special effects are so bad you repeat to yourself “this is so bad I must turn over” and then two and half hours later as the film credits roll, you eventually do.

wakehurst gardens

The flowery gardens were so beautiful.

I must confess I was surprised at my over excitement. I sounded like my mother!!!

(Don’t worry she reads this and will understand)

Poor Mr Teaspoon House had to listen to me saying over and over

Look at the colours!

Oh it’s so pretty!

Look Mr Teaspoon House, look at the colours!

He went for a wander on his own while I started taking photos like a proper tourist.

See the colours!!
See the colours!!

Once I’d calmed down and ceased exclaiming how bright and colourful everything was, we headed to the cafe.

I’m one of those people who needs food all the time, so any day trip involves vital snack /refuelling time and remember, I’d used all my energy getting excited about the colours.

It was here, which on reflection is quite funny that it was only at this point, we realised we have officially proper middle-aged tendencies, as we sat down with our cream teas in the cafe with the coach load of people who were more, how shall I put this, more of an advanced age group than ourselves.

It’s a good job we both like a nice cup of tea and a sit down 🙂

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