Going to the chapel…

Still not started building work, so you’ve got more boring stories from me I’m afraid.

A quick headline is that we’re waiting for our local water supplier to confirm that we won’t burst any important pipes when we dig into the ground and surprise surprise, it takes them a while to confirm if you will or won’t. (time to begin screaming into a pillow)

As well as screaming into a pillow, I’m also frequently looking out the window to see if I can spot the bride arriving at a wedding reception that is taking place at the pub opposite our house today.

I love a good wedding and the weather today reminds me when Mr Teaspoon House and I got engaged.

I was quite unwell at the time with glandular fever and as part of the essential resting phase, we had arranged to stay at my friends cottage in Whitstable for a week and do, well, not much at all. 


When we arrived, we decided to go for a slow stroll into the town to get some food, but first we unpacked.

Mr T was in his room for ages unpacking while I looked around the cottage imaging what it would be like to live in such a nice place.

Once we got back from the shops, Mr T started cooking the tea.

Result. I sat myself down with a magazine purchased especially for this mini break  (a little holiday is a wonderful reason to buy a few more isn’t it)

Just to clarify, I was sick and he likes to cook.

Anyways, after food eaten it was time to do some more resting in front of the TV.

What better, at this moment in the evening, says Mr T than for him to practise his fire making skills and light the wood burner.

So there we were, sat in a pitch black room with him trying to light the wood burner and me trying to work the DVD player.

 “I’m just going to turn the light on” I say

“I’m almost done with the fire” he says

“I can’t see the remote control”  I say

“I’m almost done with the fire” he says

“I can’t find the light switch” I say

“I’m almost done with the fire” he says

“Found it”

I declared with joy as the room was filled with light meaning I could at last get the DVD working (I may have mentioned before that I like to watch the googlebox right?)

Mr T sighed, still kneeling down to light the fire of course and turns around a little bit, well perhaps resigned to the fact that the light was now on and he pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him!

and I said

“are you really asking me now?”

Swiftly followed by

“I mean, yes, of course!”



I then spent some time asking him how long the ring had been in his pocket for.

For you detail fans, it had been there all day since we arrived at the cottage, which was why he spent a while ‘unpacking’ when we arrived because he had to transfer ring from bag into trouser pocket.

I then of course went into the imaginary world I live in and went through all the possible scenarios that could have happened in the town while it was in his pocket such as, it falling down a drain, into the road, handed over in a shop with a handful of loose change etc.

Amongst all of this of course were smiles, telephone calls to family and friends and eventually, a DVD and a lit fire.

The rest of the holiday was spent pretty much doing the same things. Short walks, getting better at lighting the wood burner, DVD’s and good food, all with the love of my life.

In sickness and in health!


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