Re-e-e-e wind

In an ideal world I would spend a fair amount of time creating ‘things’ that would add a personal touch to our home as well items I could give to someone as a personal, thoughtful gift.

In my head I’m very good at this but in reality this is often not so.

The other week I decided to have a go at making my own chalk paint.

Chalk paint is one of those cool products where you don’t have to worry prepping the surface first as it sticks to pretty much anything which is right up my street.

There are lots of recipes for how to make it on pinterest if you want to have a go. All you need is some paint, I used artists acrylic and some tile grout mixed together and that’s it.

credit: pinterest
credit: pinterest

I’d decided to paint a section of a jar with the stuff so that I could have the fun of labelling it  seeing as I LOVE jars and labelling so much and while on a roll,  figured I’d paint an old picture frame too as I’d also seen that done on other blogs and pinterest.

Well, all I can say is they went straight into the recycling bin. I think the paint I used was too thick and both items looked terrible. I wouldn’t have wanted the frame on my wall or the jar in my kitchenbathroom and certainly wouldn’t dream of giving them to anybody else.

I did think about having another go but didn’t want to ruin another precious jar so have decided to try out using printables. These are around on lots of great blogs and craft websites these days.

A few places that I frequently look at for inspiration and if I’m honest, don’t even ‘do’ anything with but instead stare at for unsensible amounts of time, sigh and go back to doing nothing are;

Oh Happy Day

Wedding Chicks – even if you aren’t getting married the printables here are so pretty that you could use them for any special occasion.

Mini Eco

Half cheating, half making my life easier, which I figure will mean less disappointment.

So there you have it, no more having to think of your own ideas and then feeling like you’ve wasted time when the don’t work out. (please say this doesn’t only happen to me?)

Happy printing!


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