Life’s just a living room

This September we will have lived in The Teaspoon House for two years and my dream will be that by then we will have a separate bathroom and kitchen and I will officially be livin’ the dream people!

The one completed room, with the exception of the windows (don’t worry, we do have windows they just need replacing) is the living room or sitting room or lounge, whichever you prefer, all apply as we do all three things in this room, live sit and lounge.

(Husband just perked up and I’ve just been informed that it’s actually called the snug)

It’s my favourite, not only because it’s finished and there’s a TV in it, but because it has carpet.

A lovely nondescript beige colour carpet.


The day we had the carpet fitted we had friends over for dinner and I let them walk on it, without shoes on of course and marvel at its fluffy softness underfoot.

They were also allowed to bring their drinks into the room but they had to be placed on solid surfaces when not in use.

I wasn’t going to let anything spoil the perfectness of the carpet.

I know what you’re all thinking and you’d be right; parties at my house ROCK.

Some mocked me, but I didn’t care.

The room that once had no ceiling is decorated, has sofas to sit on, a spruced up TV unit we made over from a charity shop, cushions adored with covers we’ve made and a wheely thing you can also sit on, sort of like a foot stall.



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