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and the beat goes on…

I’ve probably spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at the internet over the past few weeks.

from pinterest

I like to think not being on top of the world health wise gives me a bit of an excuse. ish.

There are positive and negatives to all this w-w-w dotting.

* I’ve got know who is in the music charts for the first time in quite a while all thanks to Spotify, and am now down with the kids with what’s what innit.

I realise that last sentence means I’m really not.

Since I stopped going to the gym to become a world-class runner (jokes) I don’t really listen to the radio, well actually, when I do it’s usually with my husband while we’re in the car. He doesn’t always want to listen to what I call ‘cool kids music.’

* I’ve watched far too many goats singing songs on YouTube as well as this groom wedding speech. I loved this and if you liked McFly and love weddings then this is for you!

* Pinterest stalking and too much blog reading means I want to make a rainbow cake like this one

how hard can this be to make?image:notonthehighstreet
how hard can this be to make?

The only problem is, life in the virtual world moves so fast that by next week I’ll be out of touch with the cool kids again and trying to keep up is all bit too much effort if I’m honest.

So I think I’ll have to settle for knowing that goats can’t really sing, I’ll never be able to collect enough jam jars to make all the crafty things I’ve read about and leopard print is making a come back.

2 thoughts on “and the beat goes on…

  1. Fabulous post! I so understand – and have in fact being doing pretty much the same in my part of the world for the last week….. maybe it’s global ‘time out’ ! Loved the McFly Wedding ‘speech’, thanks for sharing it. Oh, and don’t worry about the kids – they’ll catch up to us at some stage…..


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