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chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me

This year, my husband suggested we make each other easter eggs rather than go for the shop bought option.

I thought this sounded like a fun idea so we found some egg moulds in the wonderful land of Lakeland for £3.50 (Oh how I love that shop) and then picked up some good quality chocolate on a 3 for 2 offer at the supermarket.


As I stood at the hob watching the chocolate melting, trying my hardest not to lick it all out of the bowl as it melted, I declared that we could become chocolatiers, take orders from the public and make eggs every year.

It was all going so well; Husband was enjoying cracking some egg jokes…cracking..see I can do it too! Declaring that he was an eggspert at making eggs.


melty goodnessOnce the chocolate had melted, we poured a small amount into the mould and swirled it around until it was covered in a thin layer, popped it in the fridge and got on with the other half of our eggs.

We repeated this process again once the first chocolate layer had set.

And that was when things started to take a turn for the worse.

Lesson learnt: You really should follow the instructions that they give you with egg moulds. No matter how easy you think it should be.

We both soon discovered that you only need a very small amount of chocolate per layer as any excess will pretty much slide down the sides and sit in the curve, egg shape bit of the mould, resulting in thin edges and a bowlbus mid section.

Undeterred, we put them back in the fridge and left them overnight certain that it would all be ok in the morning.

The following day, excited about decorating the bad boys, I set up our egg work stations at the dining room table so that we could have a ‘bake off-esq’ time.

This was where it got messy. Literally.

Hot hands my friends, hot hands.

I, who am 99.9% of the time normally suffering from cold hands, suddenly developed hands of warmth, which when handling chocolate is not such a good thing.

Eventually, the eggs came out of the moulds in one piece after another stint in the fridge for some recovery time while I listened to some 5ive on my ipod. – anyone else been watching The Big Reunion?

Now we could decorate them with buttons, chocolate ones, not real ones, although that would look cool, smarties and magic stars, you know, for our, erm, grown up easter eggs.

Lesson learnt: This is not as easy as you may think. What with the hot hands and curvy edges, trying to rest the egg carefully down so that I could stick more chocolate based products onto it without pressing too hard was a tricky business.

twit twooThere was one fun moment however when I noticed the buttons packet had an owl motif on it. I’m into owls at the moment, so it took the edge off an otherwise stressful afternoon.

The finished look was not quite the professional chocolatiers look I was going for, but in the circumstances, I think this was a good effort.


At my husbands suggestion, we need more practice and should buy some more chocolate.

Now, I’m hardly going to argue with that suggestion now am I? 😉

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