Stuck on you…

I have found a craft that pleases me for many reasons.

The first being, that it is a tidy.

I don’t mean ‘tidy’ as in Gavin and Stacey welsh speak of something being ‘tidy’ but tidy as, I didn’t end up sitting amongst a pile crafting paraphernalia finding beads, bits of sticky glue dot or thread in the carpet, my hair, clothes or food for days afterwards.

The second is that mistakes can be easily rectified.

I told you recently how I ended up ruining a card that I had spent a while making by writing on it, well this craft is easy to change without causing too much heart ache.

And finally, I can do this craft sitting on the sofa as there is no danger of accidentally dropping ink on the beige carpet, using the sofa cushion as a cutting mat only to discover you have cut a bird shape out of your sofa or sewn your creation to the curtains.

This craft is…washi tape.

You’ve probably all been using it for ages but I have only got into this recently and when my lovely mother gave a role of lace-patterned washi tape, I was excited to see what I could create.

This is a brilliant craft for all ages as all you need are some tape, scissors if you’re a neat freak and something to stick it on.

If you’re an ultra neat freak you might want a ruler as well.

I’ve seen a lot on, yes, you’ve guessed it…Pinterest and couldn’t wait to have a go.

Even with the lowest level of ‘I’m in the mood for craft’ vibes, washi tape was something I could get a bit excited about as it didn’t involve much prep or brain power – hurrah!

Lazy craft, is sometimes the best craft.

I decided to go easy on my first attempt and simply stuck the tape onto some jam jars to make a simple tea light holder – I didn’t even use scissors!

I think this would look really effective if you had a row of jars running down the centre of the dining table with the tea lights lit or if you used them as vases and filled with some spring time daffodils.

But it doesn’t end there….then I got thinking about filling the jars with easter treats as an alternative to a massive chocolate egg. I’m saying I don’t want a massive chocolate egg for easter, but I know some people prefer smaller ones so that they don’t have so much chocolate to eat. (quite why, I’ll never know!)

There is so much you can do with washi tape. I got the green set before christmas in Ikea but hadn’t used it for anything other than a cool sticky tape alternative on a present – how cool could it look used with brown paper!

Pinterest in flowing with ideas for you to try – here are some of my favourites from jars, phone covers to party cups!

The other cool thing about washi tape is that it sounds a bit like the name you would give a cat. So much so, that when ever I think about this tape, which is quite a lot at the moment, I want to call out  –

here washi washi

as though I were calling my cat in for it’s tea.

(it’s ok, I don’t actually do this)

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