We’re going where the sun shines brightly..

Man I’d love a holiday somewhere with warm sand and sunshine.

We’ve been fortunate have a break in the snow and the blustery, blow away the cobwebs English seaside – but some proper vitamin D sunshine is what the doctor has ordered.

It really feels like this grey weather has been with us, like, forever doesn’t it?

I think back to the glorious olympic days when London was paved in sunshine, gold medals and good cheer all round…not so much these days.

Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!

We recently booked a holiday in September to the Canary Islands after we spent hours and hours looking at nearly every holiday website ever created.

I think those internet people make booking a holiday such a stressful event that you have no choice but to book one once you have starting searching, because you find yourself needing a therapy session after you accidentally tick a box that brings up all hotels in the world that begin with the letter A.

And then there’s the whole ‘dare we look at trip advisor now we’ve spent all our pennies to stay at a hotel that promises to give you a holiday to remember?’

Course you do.

What would you rather do than read review after review and convince yourself that you’ve just made a massive error.

I decided to take a ‘quick peek’ which turns out to be a bit longer than a quick peek and  decide to believe the few not-so-positive reviews over the many hundreds of reviews giving glowing reports.

Do you do that too?

It seems much easier to believe  the review written by David and Sheila from Kent who report back that the food was awful, compared to another who say it was lovely

(I don’t know what  David and Sheila from Kent really think. I just made them up)

After we had booked and wearily got ready for bed, my husband gleefully said,

Ah, nice to have booked a holiday to Greece.

Me: you mean Spain.

No, Greece.

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s a Spanish island

Is it?

Me (doubtfully): I think so

See! The internet made us not even know where in the world we had picked to feel sand between our toes.

I’m a bit worried that I’m going to find myself in an episode of TOWIE. Well, to be honest, if that did happen I would be well excited 😉

So, the countdown is on…September is only six months away so just enough time to get some more trip advisor reading done and panic about having to wear swimwear in public!


One thought on “We’re going where the sun shines brightly..

  1. sooo jealous wether it is greece ,spain or bognor lol i NEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD a holiday sooo bad! have an amazing time, enjoy the countdown, it will be what you make it, brilliant!


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