Square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don’t loose their shape

This weekend I decided to have a go at doing some crafting even though I’m not really in the crafting zone at the mo.

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, feeling like I’ve run a marathon without having actually run one, so have spent silly amounts of time looking at crafting things online but not quite mustering up enough energy come up with any ideas of my own, so there was only one thing for it – copy someone else – which is sort of what Pinterest is for isn’t it?

I decided to have a go at making a ‘bib necklace’ after seeing a great one on this blog and admiring similar ones on the high street, like this one from next.

credit: Next
credit: Next

Even better, I got to use two of my favourite things, my glue gun and buttons.

This alone was enough to help me feel better.

All you need, to make your own bib style necklace is some felt, buttons or anything shiny that you don’t mind wearing around your neck, some ribbon, scissors and a glue gun.

If you are an ultra crafty person, you might have necklace chain and jump rings that you could use instead of ribbon and make it look proper professional.

And you don’t have a glue gun, I’m sure that PVA or fabric glue would work – it would just take longer to dry.

First things first, sort through your buttons – be careful now, you could end up just gazing at them in wonder.

But you must not. Now is the time to pick your favourites, again, a mighty hard task I know!

I chose blue-ish and cream buttons, which is handy as I have a lot of blue clothes. I also had white felt so the colours went well with each other. You could use a felt that contrasts with your buttons if you wanted to be ultra hip and trendy.


Lay out your buttons on the felt in the pattern you want and when you are happy, glue the buttons onto the felt.

tip: you don’t need to press the buttons on as then glue will squeeze out of the holes so gently place it on the felt and as the glue dries it will stick to the felt.

If you make a mistake, take the button off quickly, otherwise you will tear the felt and get all the gluey felty bits on your fingers. This happened to me and was quite irritating.

IMG_0755When you have stuck them all down, cut around the felt. The great thing with felt is that it doesn’t fray so you can snip around without having to worry about it unraveling as you go  which I adore as I find it’s these little things that can make or break a crafting experience!

IMG_0759Now you need to glue the ribbon onto the felt.

It’s best to keep the lengths as long as you can as it would be well annoying to then discover that you cannot wear your chic bib necklace because the ribbon is too short.

I then covered the back with another layer of felt to hide where the ribbon was glued on. Not only does this mean you get to use the glue gun some more, it also makes the necklace a bit stiffer and hides any runaway glue.

And you are done.

imageNow I must confess, that I think mine needs some more work.

I wore it today and got some mixed reactions from family members after which I promptly added some more buttons and moved the ribbon as I was told it resembled a medal  – a tad embarrasing as I am a 30 something grown up, sort of, and not a child wearing a medal they won at gym club.

Feeling slightly more cheery I decided to see what else I could try that didn’t involve too much effort and came across a rather genius idea of making a whole new necklace out of one you already have without having to do very much at all.

I think, it’s brilliant. You of course, can decide for yourselves.

Here is how you can turn your long beaded necklace into a shorter more beady version in about three seconds.

IMG_0764Fold your necklace in half

IMG_0765Get two pieces of ribbon in a complementary colour (it was my husbands birthday this week and there was some fetching ribbon I nabbed from one of his gifts!) and loop it around each end of the folded necklace and voila!

image-2Now you have a shorter version of your long necklace.

I love long necklaces but sometimes get annoyed with the clanking noise they make when you walk or when they get caught up with buttons on a cardigan, so this way, you still get the joy but less clanking and tangles.

You could knot your ribbon, but looping it, I think, means you can take the ribbon off more easily for those days when you don’t mind the clanking, tangles or pulls from small children.

My fear with a know would be that a knot would be so tight that you have to cut it and then end up cutting the thread of the necklace and well, I don’t need to tell you how that story ends do I.

So there you go , two quick crafty ideas to spruce up your neck!

Perfect for when you have no money but still have that itch for something to jazz up the jumper you have been wearing since October because it’s still so cold.

(I want the summer, when will this coldness end?)

If you have a go, I’d love to see what you come up with!

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