Our house, in the middle of our street

Waiting for planning permission has paused crafting and DIY activities in the Teaspoon House somewhat.

It’s as if, my creative mojo has taken up residence in the cold garage that is too-small-for-a-car, occasionally showing it’s cheeky face only to disappear as quickly as it arrived.

I thought I had made quite a cool card using some bits of left over coloured card and the sewing machine, which I was quite pleased with given that I had managed to destroy some trousers trying to fix a relatively small tear with the sewing machine not so long ago. However I went to write a message on the front that looked as though I had written it with my left hand  – did you used to try to write with you ‘other’ hand?

Well that’s what I mean, it looked a bit pants which was soooo frustrating.

wouldn't this be amazing!image - pintrest
The door of crafting ideas is currently closed.

I’ve taken to stalking pinterest too much and gwaping at interior magazines for a creative fix, along with staring at our neighbours skip that is slowing filling up with contents of what I think must be their bathroom.

I do love our street, which is why we are determined to not give up hope of having a bathroom one day.

Everybody says hello when they see one another and are friends!

The day we came to look around for the first time we were welcomed by neighbours and even invited into their homes to see what they had done to theirs.

Of course, I jumped at the chance of seeing inside the little houses 😉

I realise that it’s quite unique in that respect and community is important here. We have a community green space, where carols are sung at Christmas and fetes take place in the summer.

garden party

For the Queens diamond jubilee there was a ‘best decorated house’ competition and for our effort, my husband excelled himself by painting the queens head onto the garage that’s-too-small-for-a-car and I got trigger happy with the staple gun and bunting.

Houses were painted like union jacks, sprinkled with corgis and splashes of red white and blue were everywhere to be seen.

It was magic.

I love this street and bathroom or no bathroom, we are here to stay!


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