It’s not easy being green

We are STILL waiting to hear about our planning application…yawn.

In the meantime, we continue to do what we can to make a house, our home by spending sensibly and being kind to the planet.

What with having a bath in the kitchen, we don’t have much space for appliances other than our fridge freezer.

Our washing machine however is too wide to fit in the room and also freakishly heavy, so has been living in our garage that is too small for a car.

Garage: too small for a car, but nicely decorated for the Queens jubilee

Next week it will be going to start a new life some where it will used for what it was created thanks to the brilliant William Wilberforce Trust furniture reuse network.

While I was looking at their website, I read

As a society, we are consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate. If every country consumed natural resources at the rate the UK does, we would need THREE PLANETS to live on.

That’s a bit mental and hard to get my head around.

Buying second-hand is something that I am getting more accustomed too. I must admit it doesn’t come naturally to me.

I love the browsing part and seeing other people’s stuff but finding ‘just what you’re looking for’ doesn’t always happen when you’re looking in a charity shop or car boot sale.


However, I am really pleased that we found our dining table and chairs in a local charity shop as well as our TV unit which we up-cycled so that it no longer looks like something you would find in an old people’s home. I have nothing against old people’s homes, I visit one frequently, but I don’t want to feel like I’m living in one just yet.

I suppose it’s also about opening our minds to look at things in different ways and using them for things that they might not have originally been intended for and not seeing second hand as something we don’t want anymore.

I was given this inspiring book for christmas that is full of ideas and it’s given me loads of potential projects.

There’s also something to be said for using things just as they were intended, but in a way that reflects your own personality. We’ve tried this in our home with the items photographed above.

Some of the things we’ve done are; made an eBay chest of drawers more exciting by adding different handles, hung old mirrors up all together and painted the old unit to match our wallpaper.


Having a sewing machine has also encouraged me to live more of a make do and mend life.

Sort of.

I’m still learning and sadly destroyed a pair of husbands trousers last week trying to fix a small rip and I ended making brand new holes in them.

I mean seriously! Who else does that.

They are now unwearable. I’m thinking I could try to make a jazzy apron or something out of them like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music!??


It isn’t just ‘things’ that we’re trying to reuse and recycle.

Mr Teaspoon House is a become a dab hand at growing veggies and is also one of those rather frustratingly good people who can make a meal out of an egg, a mushroom and a packet of out of date custard.

Check out these massive butternut squashes that appeared out of no where in the garden!!

I say out of nowhere, of course they came from seeds that were planted, but it was as if one day there was nothing and the next – ta-da – massive ‘nuts hanging off the fence!

photo (2)
check out these massive ‘nuts!

We’ve had one ripening next to the oven for yonks!

Trying to grow our own food has made us realise how difficult it is, how much we take for granted that we can pop to shops to get what ever we need, when ever we need it.

That’s a bit of a big deal,  especially when the world produces enough food for everyone but more than 2 million children die every year because they can’t enough to eat.

Check out the IF campaign today and write to your MP to tell them that just isn’t right.

Now friend, this isn’t meant to be a preachy blog post, really, that’s not my style but it is really easy to make little changes that are/will make the world a cleaner, greener, fairer place as I believe it was intended to be.

And you even don’t have to have dirty finger nails and wear hemp to be green.

Honest, but erm, you know if you like having dirty finger nails and wearing hemp then good on ya. Don’t go changing now will you 😉

Just think even by switching that little chocolate treat to a fairtrade one is making a difference.


Now all I’m thinking about is chocolate and I’m supposed to be cutting back!

Maybe next time you need to replace some furniture you’ll consider donating your old pieces to charity and have a gander in your local charity shops for a replacement?

Hey you’ll be giving to charity too which is brillo pads.

I will also accept any unwanted-completely-knackered-good-for-nothing-else-chopped-up-wood for our woodburner ta very much.

You could even get the energy to heat your home from a green provider. It makes you feel good and hasn’t cost us any more each month. Go on try it!

Be as cool as Kermit and Orville – you might just like it

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