When I grow up….

As a child, I was never really sure what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up.’

Quite near the top of my list were a hairdresser, teacher, someone who does lots of cutting and sticking and probably a unicorn.

If I didn’t feel like throwing up at the thought of lots of blood I may have even gone as far as being a nurse. Instead I satisfied my interest working as a Dispenser (the role, not a machine) for a few years, learning about which drugs are used to treat what, how to read doctors handwriting and getting to mix lotions and potions together.

If it hadn’t been for some of the customers, it would have been perfect!!

Now I get my kicks by watching a few too many medical dramas like Casualty, Call the midwife, Junior Doctors and House.

Today I get plan things and tick things off a long to do list – which while dulls-ville for some, is just right for me.

to do

Recently I went on a course for five days that had a couple of exams mixed in to it.

I had that ‘starting a new school’ funny nervous tummy feeling every morning as I went back into the classroom.

There was of course the fun part of getting to use highlighters and those little post it notes to organise my course book, but it was tough having homework each night along with the immense terror of knowing an exam was just around the corner.


One morning of the course, there was such a long and crowed queue at the tube station for the lift that took you up to street level, I decided, as I didn’t want to be late, that I would take the stairs.

Windy narrow stairs that felt like they are never going to end.

It was massive error of judgement.

I got to the point of climbing that stairs where I realised that 175 steps, are quite a lot.

You know, when your legs begin to feel that they belong to someone else?

I had gone too far to turn back but really could not see how on earth I would ever get to the top.

I started making plans of how I could explain to all the people behind me that the steps were now closed as I lived there and wondered how feasible it would be to take my exam there on the stairs if the course leader sent the paper by carrier pigeon and how maybe if I held my phone up in the air for long enough I might get mobile reception to call my husband on Skype.

I thought I might really honestly need to call for help.

I still have no idea how I got to the top, but believe me, when I heard the rumbling of cars outside and got a blast of cold outside air I managed to haul myself up to ground level.

Until I remembered there were stairs at the course centre.

..round and round and round..
..round and round and round..

Looking back to my list of what I wanted to do when I grew up, I can tick hairdresser and cutting and sticking off my list so maybe I’ll be a unicorn next.

I did always like Rainbow Bright!

Rainbow Bright and her Unicorn.
Rainbow Bright and her Unicorn.

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