You’re sweet like chocolate

I just ate a Cadbury’s creme egg.


Creamy chocolatey goodness.

At a recent visit to the dentist, they said they had spotted the early signs of a cavity  – by the way, when ever I see the word cavity, I think of Macavity the Cat – anyone else?

I do have a very sweet tooth. But I’m sure it’s not the reason for the teeny tiny hole in my tooth but it got me thinking that I’ll try to eat less sweet things.

The problem is, it’s also valentines day this week.  What if I’m given some chocolates, then what would I do? It would be rude not to hoover them up wouldn’t it.

I recently found out that I could eat peanuts after many years of not knowing what nuts I was allergic to. What way to celebrate this revelation – the only way I knew how – chocolate covered peanuts.

For our wedding reception, rather than have savory canapes we opted for afternoon tea so that there were cakes.


I could have devoured our wedding cake in a few days had my husband not suggested we freeze some of it to enjoy later.

How I loved that cake.

I’m not one of the people, who I envy, who can satisfy a craving for something sweet by eating an apple.

Just watching the amazing Mary Berry story on television last week made me want to leap up and make a victoria sponge, even though my baking escapades aren’t always a success.

I have now put this down to our oven and am sure that once we can take the bath out of the kitchen and have the space for an oven that is works properly, my baking will be of bake off standards.

So, will I eat less sweet things?

I don’t know.

I’m going to try and if I fail,  I’ll just drag myself out for an extra run and never visit the dentist again.


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