And she stays up all hours watching QVC

There is a slight danger that I could become a hermit.

I like to stay in and I not have to do anything in particular. If I could choose between a night on the tiles and I night at home. Home would win hands down.

To be honest, my friends don’t go out for many nights on the tiles either. We’re all mini hermits which is probably why they’re my friends, and if they do, they not inviting me. panic coming on.

As an aside, what does ‘a night on the tiles’ look like? Does everyone just go to Topps Tiles and spend the night standing on the tile displays?

As well as not going out I also like to have time to myself. I don’t have to be alone without anyone around, but sometimes I need just to be in a room on my own to be a bit creative and make a mess.

It’s also in those times when I’ll write this blog *crowd start of cheer* and I can watch QVC.


I don’t think I can articulate well enough why I like to watch QVC. Not just for its quality, value and convenience, did you see what I did there, I think it’s the soothing tones of the presenters during the elemis beauty shows that I like as they have the sort of voices that therapists use when you have a facial or massage that makes you feel all sleepy.

There have times though, in the presence of beauty therapists, that relaxation has not been so much a part of the deal like when a friend and I went to a spa for the day.



Part of the spa day package was a session in the relaxation room. I think it had a crazy name like a restoration pod.

We were taken into the pod, and had to lie on these what I want to say were sun loungers, but they weren’t, anyway, we also had wear headphones and eye masks so that would be ‘relaxed.’

As the lady with the very slow and steady voice explained that we were to imagine we were walking bare foot though a woodland forest, in my head I’m thinking ‘bare foot through a woodland forest? Wouldn’t there be snails and twigs and things? Gross.’

Not so relaxing.

I also had a massage once when at the end, they chimed a bell.

WEIRD and not at all relaxing.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken to getting relaxed at home.

Pj’s on, cup of tea and dulcet tones of QVC.

Call me a hermit, I don’t mind but perhaps if you walk past my house and see piles of QVC boxes outside the door you could knock to see if I’m ok?!


– there’s a 30 day money back guarantee on everything you know!

2 thoughts on “And she stays up all hours watching QVC

  1. Ha! I’ve had some weird massages too. One in particular was a rock massage where she clanked the rocks together very loudly on my neck. She must have forgotten my neck is attached to my ears. Not quite as bad as a bell chime jolting you out of relaxation mode though. 🙂


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