You can go your own way, go your own waaaay

Firstly friends, apologies for not being able to give you any house updates of late.

Truth is, we haven’t been able to do much more while we waited for our planning application for the long-awaited bathroom to go through. We have found out that it was refused. More updates will come but just not as frequently as I’d hoped.

So what else have you been doing then? I hear you ask.

Well making things from air drying clay of course and baking cow pat biscuits of course!

On the culinary front, things haven’t made a drastic improvement.  Last weekend I made some of those caramel chocolate shortbread things. They were ok but the base wasn’t entirely cooked – I still ate most of them anyway. I also made Chicken Broccoli, a dish my sister is renowned for, except when it came to making it I realised I’d forgotten the broccoli so had to substitute it with mushrooms.

Never mind.

millionaires shortbread; uncooked but tasty
millionaires shortbread; uncooked but tasty

One thing I did do recently which is perhaps not very exciting at all but was a ‘I did it’ moment, which was driving to Heathrow airport!

Along with spiders, dogs and going into the loft I am also quite  afraid of driving to places I have not been to before. You know the usual list of rational fears right?

My husband’s job occasionally involves him travelling overseas and thus requires airport visits. On the plus side, we are able to get to the airport without going on the motorway. Motorway driving scares me even more than driving to somewhere I’ve not been before.

I think it’s the speed you have to go and the very important part of knowing what junction you need to take. Is it just me? There are so many signs and it’s hard to know sometimes which one is yours.

credit: google images
credit: google images

There was one occasion when I had to take and collect him from GATWICK and that meant motorway.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid. Taking him was probably the easiest part as there he was as a companion but then I had to get home all by myself.

Of course TomTom was there too, but I’m not 100% certain I trust him.

I think this fear stems from my first car, Tiger, and The Car Park Incident which involved me, the car, a ramp, car stalling on ramp, car not starting, car rolling back to the bottom of ramp and a long queue of cars behind me. That was frankly quite horrid, even thinking about it gives me anxiety stomach pains.

So fast forward to a few days ago and I’m checking the arrivals website for Heathrow just incase his flight had miraculously landed 3 hours early (of course it hadn’t and I knew it couldn’t. But did that stop me from continuously checking?)

When the time finally did arrive, off I set with my printed out directions AND the sat nav.

I survived the slightly fraught moment when you are sat at traffic lights and can see flashing blue lights making their way from far behind you and you are at the front of the queue so you have to move or else everyone will stare dagger stares as you have held up an emergency service. Which I really don’t ever want to do.

Yeah, I survived that and swiftly but safely made way. Phew.

I even survived the car park moment – you know it, getting the ticket out of the machine  and driving under the barrier that then opens and you can’t help but think ‘got to be quick incase the barrier comes crashing down’ when I don’t think it ever will as they must work on a sensor right?

I love this clip from an old Victoria Wood episode from 1.40min!

Yep survived that bit too.

Even went to the right terminal.

And then I waited and enjoyed those ‘love actually‘ moments when you see loved ones being welcomed. I was secretly hoping for a flash mob to start like the one in the mobile phone advert.

I then, after all that – I drove home, this time with my special cargo 🙂

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