If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it

I have learnt that it is possible for me to spend an entire evening looking at Pinterest.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about,a simple to describe it is as a virtual pin-board, so you can create different boards for different things and then pin all sorts of nifty things to them.

It’s a great place to get inspiration and also be a nosey whats-it and gawp at what other people have pinned on their boards because you can look at other people’s and they can’t stop you…genious!

if you like it then you should've put a pin in it!
if you like it then you should’ve put a pin in it!

I have a board for home decorating, clothes I like, recipes and well you get the idea. If you want to see mine you can just look me up and stalk away 🙂

Now, as you know I am über geeky about storage and labels and Pinterest has some flippin’ amazing storage ideas. It’s no wonder an evening can pass by in the blink of an eye when there are so many great ideas to look at and attempt for yourself.

For my birthday this year, I was given some air drying clay so that I could make some more jar labels and organise the heck out of the work surface in the kitchen/bathroom.

I know, I live life to the max don’t I.

I already have some that were made by a professional, but I was keen to have a go myself.

And so I plucked up the courage over the Christmas holidays.

Here are my finished articles, these are the second batch as the first ones went wrong. They are not a polished as the ones I was given but as they are my own homemade version I don’t think they too bad.

Oh look, what a handy jar label.
Oh look, what a handy jar label.

As these are SO easy, I thought I would have a go at being an art teacher and show you what I did.

I got my rubber letter stamps from Amazon for about £3.50 and the varnish from a local art shop. This was about £5 and will last for ages as you only need such a small amount for each label.

At this point, I wanted to label everything in sight.

Reality soon set in and I was aware that this was perhaps slightly excessive, I mean it would look a bit silly if I labelled the taps, my toothbrush and all my clothes plus the fact that I didn’t have quite enough clay left, I decided to have a go at making some clay birds after reading  this blog – check it out, it’s tres cool.

what a hot bird!
what a hot bird!

Firstly, I was fortunate enough to be hanging out in TK Maxx…AGAIN and spotted a pack of cookie cutters that contained a bird, ginger bread man, star and a heart shape…I mean..it was a divine intervention. I had to get them and at £3 I wasn’t complaining.

I decided to use my letter stamps to add some text to my birds which are made in the same way as the jar labels…

Things I learnt using the clay.

  1. Don’t roll your clay too thin as the shape may dry a bit bendy. I did this first time around and it is not a good look.
  2. Once your shape is fully dry, cover it with paper using PVA glue or if you are a professional you might have special decoupage paper and glue like my mum!
  3. If you don’t want to tear up bits of paper into tiny pieces and keep finding bits of it scattered on the floor for days, you could paint your shape instead.
  4. I decided to covered the bird with gold acrylic paint to give it an aged look once the paper had dried which also hides any imperfections on the edges really well!
  5. BEST EVER FACT: You could make any shape and put messages for any event…a new baby, a wedding which means that any joyous event in the world could be celebrated with a clay shape.

I went on to make four more with the words, peace, joy, love and hope stamped on them. In the words of Miranda’s mother : SUCH FUN.


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