I have a dream, a song to sing.

One year for Christmas, I was given a kitchen aid food mixer from my lovely hubby.

He is a good gift buyer.

I would like to mention that this kitchen aid was purchased in the Cayman Islands from Uncle Bobbie’s quick-e-mart.

I would also like to mention that I wasn’t there. In the warm sunny, Cayman Islands.

But he was there for the work of the good Lord so I’ll let him off.


I’m looking forward to the day when we have a kitchen that isn’t a kitchenbathroom and the marvelous mixer can have pride of place on a work surface rather on top of a wobbly plastic drawer unit that gets a regular dusting every now and then from the small hole in the ceiling above it.

I would also like to be able to display our Christmas dining implements properly.



I have a dream.

And it involves a dresser.

Dressed with mistletoe, fairy lights and some Emma Bridgewater.

I found this festive kitchen on the blog dots and spots and I LOVE it…and my food mixer is red so it would fit right in!

dream christmas kitchen
dream christmas kitchen
Credit: dots & spots
Credit: dots & spots

Now, I know my success in the kitchen is somewhat temperamental, but I do like to try, and baking is preferred way of testing whether I am improving. At least with cakes, if it doesn’t work out you can still lick the mixing bowl clean.

And then wash it, obvs.

Feeling festive and needing some treats to leave out for Father Christmas and Rudolph this evening, I decided to bake.

I opted for the glamour of Nigella as she always looks like she’s having such a nice time. However my Nigella Christmas Chocolate Biscuits look nowhere near as glamorous as the picture in the book but having sampled one, they are good. A bit squishy in the middle with a good amount of crunch on the outside. The down side was the hundreds and thousands went all over the work surface and the floor plus I found it impossible to get the icing to make a star shape of any kind so they are look a bit blobby.

They also look like cowpats.

christmas cow pats!
christmas cow pats!


This week, the tiles inside the bath have begun to pop off the wall. We can at least ‘pop’ them back in but it’s only a matter of time I think before they all decide to fall off at once.

Still no word on the planning permission but maybe we’ll hear something before 2012 is out…maybe.

So, I continue to dream and chant quietly to myself..Emma Bridgewater, Welsh Dressers, Fairy Lights.

Emma Bridgewater, Welsh dressers, fairy lights…


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