why don’t you, switch of your TV set and do something less boring instead?


I love TV – otherwise, how would I still be able to recount the theme tune from the childhood summer holiday classic that was Why Don’t You.

On getting married, my husband learnt that for me, sitting down with a cup of tea and watching something on the television is essential after a day at work to help me unwind.

There are times when he leaves the room so I can watch E! and I do the same for him when it’s time for Match of the Day.

But we do have many things we like to watch together. At the moment these include Awake and Covert Affairs.

I have been known to, only very occasionally, fall asleep quite quickly in front of the goggle box so it’s great that we can watch these together as he can update me on what I’ve missed. Not that I’ve ever missed more than a couple of minutes of anything you understand.

It does seem a little strange though, that a rectangular piece plastic and some wires can become a key part of the home and the cause of so many disagreements.

For as long as I can remember, one of the things, out of about a million, that I look forward to at Christmas time is the Radio Times.

As a child, there would be shrieks of joy when my Dad presented it from his stripy shopping bag.

It was a sign that Christmas was officially on its way.

And time to let the ‘highlighting what you wanted to watch’ commence.

Out came the stock pile of video cassette tapes, ready to start the week long recording marathon and the post it notes on the television to remind someone what time the tape needed to be changed so that we could record Santa Claus the Movie and The Snowman.

Radio Times

On receipt of this years Radio Times, I started making a list (of course) of my preferred seasonal viewing, but now with so many channels listed, I wondering if I’ll time to look through the whole issue before the 24th…..

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