I’m dreaming of a white bathroom suite…

…Just like the ones I used to know.

Are you familiar with that version of the christmas classic?

We’ve been waiting to hear if we have planning permission for a fair while now and the current delay in hearing back, we have recently learnt, is because an answer is needed from the Highways department.

And I’m starting to get slightly impatient.

Which I know is bad of me because we are SO lucky to have a roof over our heads and it’s not like we don’t have a bathroom. It’s just, in the kitchen.

bath and fridge - the best of friends
bath and fridge – the best of friends

The recent cold weather has made both of us start to talk wistfully of  ‘when we have a bathroom…’

As there is no insulation in the kitchenbathroom, even contemplating having to wash is enough to give me goosebumps – apologies to my work colleagues if you started to notice this.

It’s not just keeping clean that’s hard at the moment. Our cutlery is freezing and when you open a cupboard you get a blast of cold air from outside along with your tin of beans and on a very cold day, you can see your breath.

Not cool.

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured to Ikea to look at the kitchens. (I drove by the way which was a massive achievement for me, but maybe I’ll chat  about that another time)

We’ve gor a fair idea of what we’d like it to look like, but as we can’t get on with the kitchen until we’ve got a bathroom it meant we settled on buying some candles instead, as you do.

something like this would be niceCredit: Pinterest
something like this would be nice
Credit: Pinterest

As well as looking at kitchen showrooms, we have been known to wander around like lost sheep, gazing at baths and shower options open-mouthed as though we have never seen such things before. To be fair, we don’t get to see them separately that much these days, so it is a bit much to take in.

And then there are ‘white goods.’ Do we go for integrated or separate?  To even have a washing machine is a thought-to-far sometimes. We do have a washing machine but there is no space for it in the kitchenbathroom so it lives in the shed, that will eventually become the bathroom – once we hear from Mr or Mrs Highway.

Once we do hear, I will of course let you know and then I can show you that plans and share with you, as we knock things down and build new things up..and attempt to do tiling and plumbing..we already have the tiles for our kitchen…they are just waiting until the time is right.

Credit- pinterest
Credit- pinterest

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