it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of year.

The weather is chilly but the sun shines and makes everything look like, well, a christmas card.

And with the arrival of December, I like looking at the decorated houses with their twinkly lights, garlands and wreaths and of course massive inflatable father Christmases, singing snowmen, waving reindeer and all the other ‘traditional’ christmas decorations we have come to know and love!

I would quite like a sparkly reindeer but am yet to convince husband of its necessity.

I would look so pretty at your front door.
I would look so pretty at your front door.

This time of year also makes me more crafty than normal and this weekend I had a go at making some candles and a garland.

The down side of this was having to to the shops to get the things I needed. Christmas means people who don’t normally go out, make a special trip and decide to walk very slowly in front of me.

I eventually made it to the crafty section and got some felt and gingham fabric. I choose the shapes I wanted by typing in ‘christmas shape templates’ in google, watched a quick demo on youtube on how to do blanket stitch and Bob’s your uncle.

pieces of the christmas garland I am making
pieces of the christmas garland I am making

I don’t know where Judy (garland- get it!!) will go when I finish it but that’s one of the great things about Christmas – you can shove all your decorations up anywhere, call it ‘festive’ and get away with it.

Growing up, we had loads of decorations up at Christmas.

I used to love the day when my Dad would make the epic journey to the loft and come back with boxes – yes, more than one, of decorations. We would spend all day opening everything up and putting the entire contents up all over the house. Windows, doors, picture frames, door handles. No surface was left un touched. My Dad was in charge of the lights – outside and in – and also the pretend snow spray stuff that went on the windows.

My favourite job was putting the chocolates on the tree.

One for the tree and one for me, one for the tree, and one for me!

candles what I made
candles what I made

The colder weather is making me look forward to the day when our toilet is not in what is basically an out house. It is freezing. While I do like the colder weather for wrapping up warm and feeling ultra cosy, I don’t like freezing my butt off.

We’ve been waiting for planning permission for a bit now..hopefully soon I’ll be able to tell you that it’s all been approved and that we won’t be having a bath in the kitchen forever.

In the mean time though – pass me the tinsel – I’m starting to feel festive!

christmas house

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