oh I do like to be beside the seaside

We spent a couple of days by the sea this week.

I am admittedly a real home girl at heart. I love to spend a day pottering about, perhaps having a go at making something, rearranging things and of course watching something good on the television.

There’s usually some chocolate and a cup of tea involved too – that said it was good to get away and be somewhere ‘different’  where there wasn’t a list of things that needed doing.

One of the things I like about holidays is seeing how other people decorate their homes. Some may call it being nosey, I prefer to call it being inquisitive.

Ok who am I kidding.

I like to do this ALL of the time, not just on holiday, although somehow that makes it sound a little less creepy.

Who else isn’t intrigued to see how their neighbours have laid out their front rooms compared to what you’ve done?

On this trip, we were staying at a hotel, so while I wasn’t able to look in all the rooms to see what they were like, I was able to stand on the balcony outside our room and look along the seafront and imagine what the houses might look like inside. A little sad I know.

(by the way on our first afternoon when we were collapsed on the bed having a cup of tea, one of the other residents was out on the balcony and peered right into our room even though the light was on so it was obvious someone was at home. Now that is something I do not do!)

For a little outing on our mini-break, we went to Scotts Furniture Mart.

Nothing, not anything in the world could have prepared us for what was behind the front door of this place.

In a word,  it was flippin’ awesome and overwhelming at the same time!

If there is anything you are looking for in the whole entire world, they will have it. Literally amazeballs in motion. They sell everything and just let you look around for as long as you like. Brilliant!

chairs of all shapes and sizes at Scotts Furniture Mart

Downstairs, upstairs, outside, inside. The place is vast. Just when you think you’ve been around it all, there is another room to see.

tea cup treasures inside Scotts Furniture Mart

If I were ever in a position to be renovating a house again, I would make this place a ‘must-go-here place.’

Then I would become a person who is able to say “oh this,  I got it at a reclamation yard for 50p and restored it myself”

And you really really could do that. Maybe not for 50p though.

Where we stayed was full of antique and charity shops. My husband was even able to find a really ugly christmas jumper, for our friends ugly christmas jumper party that is coming up – complete with bits of food down the front.  Grim.

We also spent lots of time eating. If you ever want an amazing meal in a relaxed setting, I mean, I know you are probably all good cooks and so eating in your homes will be relaxing enough, but for a treat, you might want to go to The Sportsman in Seasalter.  The food is incredible and has the most amazing attentive staff.

Personally for me, another good thing about a lovely little getaway is the coming home.

By the end of this trip, we realised that there is only so much looking at ‘others people’s stuff they don’t need anymore’  and it was nice to be back home and put the kettle on, knowing you weren’t going to be peered at by the person staying next door!

oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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