moving on up, moving on out

Last week I mentioned my dislike of having to go into the loft. So few are my trips to the land of ‘the loft’ that I can count them on one hand.

I’m not really keen on heights so part of the issue is climbing the ladder and the other is being somewhere with  limited visibility and therefore greater potential of putting your face through a spider’s web, touching a spider, seeing a spider oh and there is always the risk of putting your foot through the ceiling.

In teaspoon house, we have a loft ladder, lighting and a metal poll that you use to open the loft hatch. A deluxe loft suite.

One might therefore think that I now make frequent trips to the loft and why not when the ladder is fixed so it can’t fall down and there is light to see plus it’s a man-made opportunity to sing show songs! Hmm, I may be talking myself into something here so I’ll be careful what I say from now on!

Having a loft is great,  you can put the things you don’t need all the time up there – you all have that place. If not a loft then under the bed or high up in a cupboard that means it’s always a bit of hassle to get whatever it is you need like a suitcase/your old baby clothes/drawings you did at school that are in a freakishly heavy folder, you know the kind of things I mean.

the loft – a place to store awkwardly shaped belongings

Upon taking residence in the teaspoon house, we took advantage of an offer of free insulation and got the ‘land of loft’ wrapped up warm but in order to take up the freebie we had to take the things we’d stored in there during the decorating phase out.

I have very little upper body strength so my job was to stand at the bottom of the ladder and take the boxes as they were passed down to me.

The use of the word ‘take’ in that last sentence should be interpreted as ‘almost drop’ or ‘drop.’

Then we had the task of clearing out the previous owners things that they had left behind. Now, the person who lived here before us was more senior  in their years and lived alone so I’m not suggesting that they should have attempted to do this. They may not have even remembered that they had things in there so I’ll try not get to het up about it.

But really! There were soooooo many random bits and pieces which were really heavy including the old water tank with water in it and a door.  Not a door to a secret Narnia land just an old door.

sadly, this wasn’t the door in the loft


Firstly, how on earth did they get it up there and secondly, why?

To make this task even more joy filled, the chimney had been repaired years before and the contents of the old chimney were also in the loft so everything was covered in soot including the old wasps nests.

One was not impressed.

I’m getting better at opening the ladder out and climbing to the top, but as yet my legs have not made it into the actual loft space. Thankfully most things are within arms reach so I can stretch with one arm – because the other is holding on for dear life to the ladder – should I need something.

Bring on the day when we have the loft converted into a bedroom, which won’t be for a long, long time yet.

We have the bath in the kitchen to deal with first.

But when we do, there will be no more ladder climbing to deal with and in my book that can only be good thing.


the dream


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