you give a little love and it all comes back to you, da dah da dah da da da!

Earlier this month we took ourselves along to the National Home Improvement Show to get some ideas for the extension that we’ll hopefully be building.

Excited to have some flapjacks I had made in my bag for emergency snacks (really tasty they were too which was a nice surprise) we were ready.

Have you ever been to a one of these events?

There were people everywhere I looked,  walking fast and looking busy and of course thrown into the mix were the people who you get stuck behind when you want to walk fast and look busy, you know, those who are just out having a lovely time strolling along and then stopping without warning at the exact moment when you had planned to complete an overtaking maneuver as well as you can in a crowded place.

And it was a tad warm.

There was only one thing for it.

Emergency flapjack consumption time.

emergency rations

Pit stop complete, we decided to continue with our epic voyage into the unknown.

We’re after some new windows so spent some time testing the demonstration windows. How many ways are there for a window to open? How long will it take before they tell you to stop?

These are just a few of games you too can play my friends!

I find this type of thing rather awkward to be honest so my husband, who I think is VERY good at talking with sales people, told them important details such as the sizes of windows we need, that I forget as soon as I am told. Literally, the information goes into my ears but falls right back out in a micro second. I meanwhile searched for any remnants of stray of flapjack in my bag.

I had many moments when looking around where I felt as though I was in a real life version of Bugsy Malone (without the mafia obvs!)  A child pretending to be a grown up.  Do you ever feel like that? In some way Bugsy Malone would be really really cool. I do like to sing, so being legitimately able to do so just to strike up a conversation with someone would be awesome, but as I was saying, there were moments when I felt as though I had no clue about what would look good, how much things cost, my name….


just kidding on that last one.

I wonder how she gets her fringe to do that?

I also found myself looking at things that we really don’t need. I especially loved the lights by this company and the kitchens by were delicious.

It was a looooong day and despite the free magazine and pen, I think if I were to go again (I so would) then I would do what they recommend – check out the website before hand to plan what you want to go to first, what companies you’d like to chat to etc so that you don’t walk miles and miles, round and round so that you have covered every row and aisle of stands in case you miss a really good one.

And always take emergency flapjack.



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