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Ages and ages ago I pointed out an idea I liked the look of in an issue of Ideal Home Magazine, where the home owner had made a mirror wall in their hall way.

Not like, a massive piece of mirror card they stuck on the wall, that would be a bit too much like a ‘hall of mirrors’ place you visit at a fair ground. They had used lots of different shaped mirrors and put them on the wall in a random fashion.

A few months later it was my birthday and the tradition in my family is that your presents are presented to you while you are in bed drinking your birthday cup of tea most likely from a birthday mug and eating your birthday cereal that has been presented to you with a birthday themed serviette.

I do like a themed napkin to help celebrate an occasion. What do you call them? I’m not sure what the most commonly used term for such items is.  I know they are not the same as paper towels.

a birthday melon

Anyways, gosh I do get side tracked quite easily sometimes.

My legs were almost folded in half when my gifts were presented to me as I sat in bed as they were SO heavy. Inside one parcel was mirror we had seen in a local charity shop and then in the next, another and another and yes another mirror to make a mirror wall.

 But how could you buy them without me knowing? When did you do this? How did get them into the house without me seeing? Where did you get them from?  Was I with you when you got them?

These and many other high-pitched questions came falling out of my mouth such was the sheer delight of seeing all the mirrors now scattering the bed.

Full of birthday jubilance, we set about putting the mirrors on the wall which was fairly painless considering it takes quite a bit of effort to make things look ‘casually placed’ you know what I mean? I have the same thing with cushions. I don’t like them to look too ‘arranged.’

mirror mirror on the wall

I love our mirror wall.

They reflect the light from the window at the top of the stairs,  gives an extra place to make an outfit check on the way downstairs each morning and even better than that, is the perfect place to sing a line from ‘Man in the Mirror’ (which by the way my oldest friend and I once made an awesome dance routine too)

We do have to be careful though as one is quite old and the other day I walked downstairs and it fell off the wall all by itself. Thankfully the mirror didn’t break and the frame has been fixed using the handy staple gun and glue gun combo.

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