brown paper packages tied up with string

I’m a big fan of storage containers and sorting things out so that they can be stored. Oh don’t go and check’s really fun..promise!

This weekend was operation wardrobe switchover where floaty summer tops were replaced with jumpers and winter woolies and that meant sorting and storing which for me was a moment of sheer joy and when completed, great satisfaction as I stared at my neat wardrobe.

Now, I would like to point out that it won’t stay neat as by tomorrow morning when I’ve had several outfit changes before work most items will have been taken out, turned inside out shoved back inside, but for a moment albeit brief, I can look and feel pleased that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Feeling in the mood for some more sorting I decided to reorganise my craft supplies. This does of course mean I spend a fair amount of time looking at things and not doing the actual sorting, but if like me you share the button love, then seeing them requires a moment of just looking and soaking up the rainbow of colours before moving to the sorting out phase.

Several hours later I was done and ready for a cup of tea and overly sweet refrigerator biscuit bar that I had made; which if you remember the chicken pie/sofa gate story, you’ll have a rough idea of my baking skills – even though I might add, this didn’t even need cooking and was still gross.

Yeah, a nice cup of tea and biscuit bar that I got from its suitable container – rock and roll.

wouldn’t this be amazing!
image – pinterest

There was another moment of joy this week when over lunch with some work colleagues, we were able to share our love of jars and labels.

Wow, your work place must be a real blast I hear you exclaim!

Indeed it is and even better to know that I am not alone in this completely rational and normal liking of containers and container identification systems.

Did you know you can get chalk labels – How cool!

I might point out here that I don’t just like containers, for me anything that can be used to arrange something gets my vote, baskets, hooks, drawers anything. As a child choosing a new pencil case during the summer holidays, for storing my stationary was a thrill so it makes sense that this has carried on into adulthood.

For my birthday this year, my in-laws gave me these:



I love these and would secretly like to buy some other random types of flour that I never use so that I can get the others but space is limited in the kitchen/bathroom so that might have to wait.

When space is limited, then having the correct storage is really important as there’s nothing worse than having to search through piles of stuff to find what you’re after.

However we are fortunate to have a good-sized understairs cupboard. It’s not the most organised to be honest but there’s something to be said for having a cupboard where you can shove stuff and close the door; I think most people have one of those don’t they, if not a cupboard then definitely a drawer, a bit like that episode of Friends where Chandler discovers Monica’s cupboard.

When we moved in, the cupboard was were we put the boxes we couldn’t open straight away, full of the things we really wanted to get out, like our CD’s and books so when the time came to be able to do that, it also meant we could sort out the cupboard.

Cue shrieks of joy from me!

There was, what we thought, fixed vinyl flooring in the cupboard but it turned out it wasn’t fixed, and underneath there was wood and newspaper and then right at the end coal.

Once all that had been cleared out we could see the little cobble stones which we love and after we let it dry out  we could pile our pots and pans back in. (You know, cos our kitchen is also a bathroom.)

I don’t really like having to ‘go in’ to the cupboard.

I think it’s  because it isn’t particularly organised that it makes me feel flustered.

Now what it needs are some plastic containers and I’d be more than happy to go and fetch something, as it is, I tend to chuck things back in and hope I don’t need what ever it was again for some time.

understairs cave aka understairs cupboard.

It took some persuading before my, now husband, agreed to putting some lock’n’lock boxes on our wedding list. (And then a bit later when he wasn’t looking some Emma Bridgewater tins.)

Now he understands my love of containers to the extent that if we are ever in a department store or Ikea he will pretend to be excited when we get to the boxes and glass jars section too.

Secretly, I know he loves storage containers too.

For Christmas my parents got him his very own tin for all the things we ‘need to keep’ like cables and random washers and stuff.

If you ever want to know what ‘that stuff’ is then this insightful account from Michael Mcintyre should help.

6 thoughts on “brown paper packages tied up with string

  1. I’m afraid the box syndrome is in the genes…I had to be moved on from some really reasonably priced plastic boxes in Lakeland last week. My friend Jackie, didn’t ‘get it’ at all. However, I DID buy a very attractive box for the cards I make in TK Maxx ( now how did I know they sold them, Jess?!).
    When we come back from the IoW in two weeks we will of course have to pop into IKEA Southampton where I need to get some shoe storage boxes. It’s in the genes Jess, it’s in the genes, Jess!


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