took it’s feet off, even took the seat off.

It’s a year since we moved to the teaspoon house and looking back it’s great to see what we have accomplished. Some of it hasn’t gone to plan like the time we collected our sofa-bed from our wonderful friend who had been looking after it for us at her flat, only it didn’t fit in our car so one day when we had a couple of friends over for dinner, they kindly said they would collect it. Only it didn’t fit in their car either so the two boys decided to carry it home. That’s right, I said carry a sofa-bed home.

I think it’s only right at this point to explain that our friends who were coming over for dinner live far far away in a land called Lincoln and were both in the area for work. The plan had been to have a chilled out evening, eating a pie I had made (which also didn’t really go according to plan) and have a nice time, so I couldn’t believe that they had chosen to walk the sofa bed to our house. The flat isn’t too far away, but still, this was supposed to be a relaxing evening. I felt terrible that this was how it was being spent plus the pie was taking much longer to cook that I thought.

Meanwhile back to operation sofa-bed collection – upon arrival, looking hot and quite frankly rather knackered, they decided to carry on with their mission to get the sofa-bed home and started taking it up the stairs.

The ‘ooh they are a bit narrow’ stairs.

This was an awkward moment and was my que to hide in the kitchen/bathroom and stare at the pie through the oven door as if somehow my eyes were microwaves that would miraculously speed up the cooking time.

Did I mention that the sofa didn’t fit up the stairs?  Yep, we had a sofa that had failed to fit in two cars, stuck at the bottom of the stairs and one uncooked pie. Just a regular evening really.

Fret not though, happy days are here again, as we learnt of some friends, I know, it’s hard to believe we have any when they ones we do have end up spending an evening hauling a sofa-bed around town, who said they would take it (by now it was no longer stuck at the bottom of the stairs) so they came over and while I stood awkwardly holding some string and pair of scissors ‘to help’ they moved seats, pulled, heaved and generally worked hard and at last it was in the car. Hooray indeed. I did have a brief terror moment when I thought, wouldn’t it be terrible if they get to their house and can’t get it out of their car and then we have to buy their car off them or something – do you eve get those? no? just me then.

Moving right along, sofa gate was far from over as we now needed a replacement so that we could have people to stay over, presuming that they are ok with showering in the kitchen of course. This time we were sensible and ordered one that you assemble yourself, so bingo, you’ve got it.

It wouldn’t fit together.

a replacement part later, here is new sofa bed.
(with cushion I made using left over curtain fabric!)

We have quite few sofa’s in our house. Being able to sit, it would appear, is important to us.

In our sitting room – how apt – we have two. Both, I’m pleased to say were half price in a sale. Ok, so one came without feet, but all the same, half price! For a while we used tin cans as feet which was fun. Now we have replaced the tin cans (chopped tomatoes in case you’re wondering) with the feet it was supposed to be born with although one is broken so we would have to be subtle if an obese person were to come over and suggest another sofa from the plethora we have to choose from.

tins for feet

Mind you, I think that us having a sofa with nothing wrong with it would be wrong. It’s like we are a rescue centre for broken sofas. A refuge, a home from home, I’d better stop now before I get carried away with this idea. But just to make this come alive for you, we do have a sofa sitting on its side in the dining room, ready to move on to its new home now that it has spent time with us and can be released back into the wild.

Our newest sofa (one of the half price sitting room ones) was half price because it had a mark on it, which came right out with a spot of fabric cleaner. Another sofa restored back to fullness of life. It’s very comfortable and husband is currently changing which cushions are on it, on an almost hourly basis. Such fun!

In our dining room, or rehabilitation unit as I shall now call it, we have the one ready to be rehoused and our little leather sofa. This will look great once we have our kitchen diner and it is no longer a bathroom/kitchen combo. Then upstairs is the sofa-bed in the spare bedroom which will now clearly never leave us, like a child who lives with their parents forever, as I’m not sure it would go back together once taken apart. Fragile little thing.

wow, I never thought I’d write so much about sofas.

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