Don’t stop me now

Two roman blinds and several cushion covers later, we have window dressings and back supports galore in our house.

The blinds were tricky little things and this time I had to do proper web-based research to know what I needed. For example, did you know you need acorns to make blinds? No, well neither did I but it’s thanks to the world-wide web I found out such a thing and armed with my list of frankly, quite random things off I toddled to the shops in search of  an acorn, (autumn had passed, where would I find one?) a cleat, roman cord (I did History at GCSE but must have missed the lesson where we covered this) dowels, blind rings and velcro. Thankfully I knew what velcro was and my Dad once had to make me a cane out of dowel when I was the Pink Panther in a tap dance show I was in as a child, otherwise I would have felt well thick.

not the acorn you need to make a roman blind
this is the kind of acorn you need to make a roman blind
Image: google images

Sometime later I had my roman blind stash and before you could say Bobs your uncle, there’s a roman blind!  For a brief moment I felt like one of the amazingly clever folk who feature in Kirstie Allsop’s homemade home satisfied with my crafting abilities and flair, ever so thankful for my husbands mathematics skills (you need maths to make blinds- argh!) and overjoyed that I got to use velcro and hear the satisfying noise it makes when you pull it apart.

round of applause for the stripy roman blind

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