It looks like the bath is in the kitchen.

Must be a mistake.

“Hello” the agent said. Quickly followed by “Yes, there is a bath in the kitchen.”

And there is was.  Sitting neatly in the corner surrounded by it’s plastic screen.

Walking around the rest of the house, it felt  like visiting an elderly relative.  The carpets were  psychedelic, there was a collection of teaspoons on the wall and a framed picture of a horse that I’m convinced my Aunty also had on the wall of her house, which coincidentally also had a bath in the kitchen.

We loved it!

Now, everyone who buys a house tells you it can be stressful. When I bought my first house,  I had a solicitor who wore shorts. But what followed the acceptance of the offer of this, the dream renovation house, was nothing like dealing with man-pretending to be a solicitor-in-shorts.

First up, the mortgage survey said it wasn’t a house and were worried about the pub over the road (my husband on the other hand found this baffling!) and they they noted the drop in the floor and the large crack to the side wall.

In our hast of falling in love with the bath+horse+teaspoon house had we missed something? Our structural engineer called it a “time capsule” This felt more positive.  I could carry on thinking about the teaspoons.

But there was more to come including having to get building regulation consent for a house we didn’t own to prove that we would  fix the cracked wall,  negotiating the sale price for the house that could be falling down,  insurance companies who won’t talk to you,  sellers who have some kind of personality malfunction and on the day before you complete tell you they have changed their minds.  Then when you do complete, refusing to let the agent have the keys.  CU-RAY-ZEE

Happy ending though ‘cos we did get the keys and taking inspiration from my lovely pal Rachel, who is documenting her house renovation,  I’ve decided to give it a go as well.

here is said bath next to the fridge.

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